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The Abandoned Property Project

Posted: 29 Jan 2021, 11:03
by Jeese
As I mentioned in the Excursion build thread I also recently bought property which is consuming most of my free time and money. The property is around 3 acres, surrounded by family farmland and was abandoned for 5 years.
20201225_153947 - Copy.jpg
20201225_153947 - Copy.jpg (2.53 MiB) Viewed 493 times
Here you can see that it is pretty overgrown and will require significant cleanup, this picture was taken after I cleared the trees out from where the vehicles are parked. The Excursion is tucked in behind our Ram awaiting the teardown.
20201225_154040 - Copy.jpg
20201225_154040 - Copy.jpg (3.56 MiB) Viewed 493 times
Here we have the shop on the right and the well house on the left, there is another well on the property tied into this one as well. From what I've been told both wells provide more than enough water for the property on their own, the second well was drilled to support irrigation and livestock on the adjacent properties.
20201225_154418 - Copy.jpg
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The shop will require some work, including insulation and the installation of a wood stove. I feel like I'm going to be spending plenty of time in here.
20201227_155220 - Copy.jpg
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Here you can see we have started the renovation down in the master bedroom. Bathroom, Closet, and Bedroom are now fully stripped, re-insulated and vapor barrier is in place. I should be doing the walls and floors over the next few weeks. I will also be tearing the outside apart to fix some plywood damage on one of the outer walls in the spring.

Re: The Abandoned Property Project

Posted: 29 Jan 2021, 11:04
by Jeese
There are plenty of goodies I've found around the property as well, an old chainsaw, an ancient generator and a welder are some of what I've found. I will try and snag some decent pictures of them as I clean them up and attempt to get them all running again.

Re: The Abandoned Property Project

Posted: 01 Feb 2021, 20:37
by Lupich
How exciting, what are your plans for the property in terms of homesteading? Chickens or other livestock? Farming something other than weed?

Hoping to get my own little hobby farm property soon as well!

Re: The Abandoned Property Project

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 10:18
by Jeese
I have plans for chickens, rabbits, a pig or two and possibly a working horse. The rabbit enclosure will be going up first in the spring, it will house my daughters pet rabbits as well as either continental or Flemish giants for some meat. I'll be tilling a 1-1.5 acre garden plot once the ground softens up a bit as well as preparing an area in the back for apples and berries. Between the garden, the animals, being surrounded by overstocked family farms and the fact that I now live in the middle of our hunting/fishing land I expect that I won't be making regular trips to the grocery store.

I have a design in mind and about 50% of the materials to build my shop heater, it will run on waste oil and will probably be the first fabrication project I post up here once I move up. The property is currently serviced with natural gas and electric but I do have plans to install a small solar and wind array since I get decent wind and being in the flatlands I get good sun all day long. If I can route it all, the brake for my turbines will be located in the well shed to assist in the heating of that building during windy winter days.

I also intend to buy the property or properties that surround it as time goes on, most of them are in 160 acre sections. If I can obtain the land I will end up using it to farm cattle and feed. There are a couple sides of the family that live in the area, between the 2 sides there are well over 1k head of cattle I may as well have a few of my own.