Do you think a major game title could get away with this nowadays?

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Do you think a major game title could get away with this nowadays?

Post by Lupich »

Pretty good stuff. :lol:
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Re: Do you think a major game title could get away with this nowadays?

Post by Upbeatdown »

I think the context of Dues Ex's time of release is what makes of a lot of what you can see in this video significant. Truly ahead of its time in terms of design and narrative. Undeniably one of the greatest RPGs ever made.

As for whether or not you could make claims such as these now in modern gaming, the short answer is definitely yes. However, the absolutely ridiculous funding that today's AAA games "require" mean that studios in the bankroll of massive publishers do best to scrub away mentions of hot-button topics like these, as to not incur vindication at the hands of media outlets and unintentionally (or otherwise) decry the popular political beliefs of the wider gaming community. All in the name of ensuring the maximum generated revenue so that all those wealthy hands that reached into the pot while it was boiling don't leave empty when dinner is ready.

A smaller studio whose level of creative control grows in inverse proportion to its funding could certainly ask the hard questions, assuming they are willing to take on the risks mentioned above as well as employ the efforts of seasoned and truly talented writers. I think to approach these subjects in a way that doesn't come off as blatant satire or misinformation you need a steady narrative woven by someone who can subtly include such themes as a way to prop up the world they've built and the story they're telling within it. To be honest, such talent is few and far between. I would rather it not be approached at all if the risk is high of it just looking like a pile of cringe in the final cut.
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