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We are back, again!

We are back, again!
While I am still working out a large amount of the website, the core functionality I want is in place and ready to go so I decided to re-launch the site again but also a little earlier than I had anticipated.

This is still very much a work in progress just the same as all of my website projects have been since 2006. (Or even earlier if you count when I was hosting on free on angelfire or tripod with a .tk domain, for anyone that remembers those days!) The website and the server(s) I host are a casual hobby that I do in my free time and I hope that nobody expects a large amount from the website, forums, or the "community" I've tried to build since starting this project. While I try my hardest to keep each revision of the website for as long as I can there are some technical hurdles I can not easily overcome and so here we are now with yet another "new" website.

The goal here is to bring back a late 90's and early 00's web community vibe where there is no theme in general. This is just somewhere on the internet where a bunch of like-minded shithawks can come to roost and hopefully call home.

If you're a first time visitor, welcome. If you're back for the 30th time - Thank you, and welcome back!

The Minecraft server (And possibly Mumble server?) well be coming back within a few months from now unless something major changes. Stay tuned for more news on that.

Lupich April 28 2020 148 0 comments


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