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New Federal Party in Canada

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After Bernier got burned by the CPC leadership races I can't say I'm surprised but I'm a little disappointed with him splitting the vote this close to the federal elections. He almost tied with Scheer at 49/51% but was treated like dogshit by his own party, CPC's only hope to take the upcoming election (I think) is to extend an olive branch to the newly created "People's Party of Canada" - Which is a true "classic liberal" political party which definitely skews 2018's definitions of liberal.

I'm honestly not sure who I'll vote for in the upcoming federal elections. I was going to vote Conservative all the way for many, many reasons most of which are in my interests however Scheer has done very little to sway me. In fact their firearm policy that was listed during CPC voting was rescinded and no longer appears on their party page.

Bernier has a strong advantage in that he has the East Coast connections and a bit of sway in Quebec which is more important than it seems even if they are croissant munchers. His platform also has strong outreach into rural regions, as well as sport shooters, hunters, and outdoorsmen which are a strong political advantage (just look at the NRA in the US) - It will be an interesting election year for sure but ultimately I am worried we may have another 4 years of Liberal leadership in Canada.

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Yeah, this one has me worried too. I like the pro-shooter/hunter policies but really don't want to see another 4 years of Trudeau. We don't really get much time to watch the new party in action before election time comes either.

Bernier struck me as a much stronger leader, Scheer seems a little meek. Have either of them taken a stance on the new USMCA?

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