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    Click here for more information on our Minecraft server and how to join it!

    Server Information:

    Port: 25565
    Version: 1.14.3

    Server Specifications:

    Dedicated Linux Server
    Intel i7-4790K @ 4.2Ghz
    32GB DDR3 1333MHz
    240GB SSD
    500Mbps Up/Down Unlimited
    Anti-DDoS Protection

    Server Staff: Lupich, Garbagepatrol



  • patreon-512.png.88599a34474d1d0d2fd72eab5410deb8.png Support the server, join our Patreon! patreon-512.png.24633272e7863e944a52b464bd7a4787.png


    Due to the optimization of Minecraft lacking more and more I've been forced to upgrade the server hardware to sustain the level of quality I strive for with the server. At this time the server costs me roughly $80 CAD out of pocket each month. Though I run the server for my enjoyment because I prefer to play with a community some members suggested I start the Patreon so they could support the server.

    Please do not feel pressured to donate, all we ask for is that you play on your server and bring your friends along too! There are absolutely no benefits or advantages given to users for donating to the server! - But you will get a shout out below...

    Huge thanks and shout out to our current Patreon supporters!

    • GarbagePatrol
    • Napentathol
    • Turandorf
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