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  1. rosepetalbish

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

    Feature wise, AMD's X570 beats out any Intel chipset currently available. That being said, AMD and Intel will be playing a game of leapfrog until one or both cease to exist altogether (although this is the first time in like 15 years Intel isn't dominating). The fact of the matter is AMD is in the lead (and not just in terms of performance for the price, I'm talking outright) and before Intel fanboys come for me - that could quickly change with Intel's next release (but at the earliest like 2020). All of that is kinda irrelevant since you're looking to balance performance and cost, so you probably won't be using the lastest gens. If I were you I'd: 1) Figure out the GPU I plan to get first 2) Decide what framerate I want to play at 3) Define "recording" better The last one is mostly because when it comes to the performance comparison of Ryzen vs. Intel for dual purpose gaming-workstation builds, you really have to know what specific software you're going to use and for what specific purpose because of the whole multi-thread performance vs single-thread performance nuance that comes inherent with either company. Each outrank the other in their own specialty. Obviously one of the biggest cons of AMD CPU's is its need for a higher RAM frequency for optimal performance. One could argue the money you save buying an AMD CPU instead of an Intel really just gets diverted into paying for faster RAM. 🤷‍♀️ However, no matter what CPU you ultimately decide on, someone will be there to tell you you're wrong - so try and find some solace in that. In conclusion, it's all very exciting and I like seeing capitalism create healthy competition between tech companies which consequentially torpedos us into the future. TL;DR: Intel can't get their transistors small enough and the tech world is laughing in AMD
  2. rosepetalbish

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

    K, but now post your refresh rate scrub
  3. rosepetalbish

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

    Would this be a min max build or a best bang for your buck sort of build? Because that's pretty relevant
  4. rosepetalbish

    Minecraft Data Packs

    I like this idea. It will eliminate the potential eyesore floating wood/leaves create while adding more realism to the game. It has nothing to do with the fact that I need to farm a bunch of dark wood for an upcoming build. Nothing at all.
  5. rosepetalbish

    Rosepetalbish application

    Minecraft Username: rosepetalbish Your Age: 25 How did you find us: r/mcservers Your Timezone: PST Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I like to decorate stuff