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  1. The_Biggest_Rat

    January's Political Debate Topic

    Awlawd, this is amazing. ^^
  2. The_Biggest_Rat

    The Daily Wins Thread

    This morning, I went to my Jeep which is in storage and cleaned/aired it out, I had it stuffed to the gills with books, kitchen supplies and camping gear. I managed to consolidate all of it and put 50% of it aside for a rummage sale coming up in April. Feels good.
  3. The_Biggest_Rat

    The Music Thread 2019

    Neo Nazi group's Voice of London co-opted by Negro Terror. Not that you can tell, punk vocals are hard to hear.
  4. The_Biggest_Rat

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    @Garby The setting has some unusual context specific stuff which occurs during death stuff.
  5. The_Biggest_Rat

    DnD 5E Thread

    When you are familiar with Discord, add Zeriador#3999 and I can getcha into the group chat.
  6. The_Biggest_Rat

    Regular Gaming Night?

    Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  7. The_Biggest_Rat

    Regular Gaming Night?

    I am sadly going to pull my presence from gaming nights on Thursday in order to facilitate a DnD night. I would not object to a different night, though. I do love gaming with you lovely folks.
  8. The_Biggest_Rat

    DnD 5E Thread

    I have a confirmed 3 for Thursday evenings. Myself, and two others. Because I have not DMed through Roll20, I was considering we do a one off dungeon through it just to get our bearings. Alternatively, CoS has a beginner level which we could do.
  9. The_Biggest_Rat

    DnD 5E Thread

    I am Zeri, using a mobile account. Howabout Curse of Strahd? I've been wanting to run it. Can everyone tell me times which work for them? Evenings are generally better and it seems we're all at most two hours apart. I'm available Wed-Fri nights or Sunday night. I would aim for a 3 hour block. I live in PST and could start at 17:00 so Garby would only be up till 22:00. Cannot do Tuesday or Saturday, at least for the next month and a half. How is everyone with Roll20? If you haven't made a free account, I'd recommend it. You basically log in, join a game and play through discord or mumble. The module comes with handy battlemaps and icons and other stuff to help players have a tactical overlay. How would people feel if I recorded the event for personal use? I like listening to DnD stuff to become better as a DM.
  10. The_Biggest_Rat

    Vermintide 2

  11. The_Biggest_Rat

    Regular Gaming Night?

    What's the plan for Thursday?
  12. The_Biggest_Rat

    The Division 2

    I am interested.
  13. The_Biggest_Rat

    DNA Database Debate

    Drug manufacturers being interested in the blind data sourced from voluntary DNA sources is not a bad thing. Ooohhh so scary, they might make drugs that help people better!
  14. The_Biggest_Rat

    DNA Database Debate

    I would never encourage the idea of someone bring forced to give up a sample of DNA for storage. I wouldn't even want it in the hands of the police or the state in total capacity. As with more and more things in the future, it will probably be a privately held database used by research conglomerates, like 23andMe. One of the largest predictors of depression is a genetic profile passed on by depressed parents, and studies using genetic information from 23 and Me have isolated markers for increased depression. I imagine a parent might want to know this about their child in order to facilitate a healthier, more active lifestyle. I'm trying to think of a nefarious manner in which DNA could be used beyond framing someone of a crime, but other than a eugenics "arms race", debatably a net positive, I'm struggling to think of one.
  15. The_Biggest_Rat

    DNA Database Debate

    Thinking about DNA databases and whether or not it would be a net benefit to society. DNA databases are already being created around the world, with Denmark being a country which has parents opt their children out, otherwise by default be included. Having a database has proven to reduce crime across the board. The inherent belief that they are foolproof is not entirely correct and until a standard is created (Interpol has members use their standard), different measurements will result in the possibility of miscommunication. There is also the possibility of data breaches, which either is circumvented through offline storage or encryption. Framing people would be a matter of going through your neighbor's trash and sprinkling their DNA at a crime scene. Having a transparent database might be interesting as well, but would probably accelerate our trajectory towards eugenics and gene therapy, for good or bad. I think they're a good idea, though. The amount of knowledge we could learn, alongside the increased crime prevention would be a net benefit to society. Increased rare bone marrow matches are just one example. Discuss.