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  1. VALUE DRπŸ“ŽFT! I cπŸ“Žnverted evπŸ“ŽrythπŸ“Žng, πŸ“ŽnclπŸ“ŽdπŸ“Žng myπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“Ž
  2. nap

    1.15 and 1.16 Updates

    I'm fine with nuking the entire server every update. I view Minecraft as an impermanent world, anyway. Not sure how others feel.
  3. nap

    Best Office or "xtreme gamerz" Chair?

    I got this a few years back: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/renberget-swivel-chair-bomstad-black-50332238/ I still have it, it's still nice to sit in, but my dog chewed it to shit so the arms suck and the adjuster is fucked. 5/7 chair
  4. nap

    Fish Fraud

    I'm going to start raising ra-- I mean selling seafood.
  5. nap

    whitlelist request!

  6. nap

    Server Direction

    That was in response to We can have SMP where we all have our own towns and settlements. I think that's the best way to have SMP.
  7. nap

    Server Direction

    ~5/8 of the active playerbase are Deltans ~3/4 of the active playerbase are citizens of SSA member states Is there really any politicking going on? We can still have the politics-lite we have with an SMP flavor, and SMP does not mean "I build a town for you".
  8. nap

    July Political Debate Topic (The Real Deal)

    I've never been so proud to receive a picture of an armadillo
  9. nap

    July Political Debate Topic (The Real Deal)

    > How are you doing? good'n you?
  10. nap

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

    It works fine for me. I probably thrash it more than most people do After I bought it, I kind of regretted not getting a thread-ripper, though