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  1. Trying out some shaders
  2. nap

    Video Thread 2019

    This piece was bought and paid for by Sinclair because we have a DSA councilwoman. There have been multiple rebuttals: https://crosscut.com/2019/03/man-used-proof-seattle-dying-tells-his-story https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/data/is-seattle-dying-not-if-you-look-crime-rates-from-the-80s-and-90s/ The reason why I really despise it is more personal and has to do with the guy who says police have to get tough. Trust me, they don't.
  3. How does I make post in club?
  4. nap

    World Lore

    We've been calling it Bailedonn
  5. nap

    Server "Tech Build" Laws?

    +1 to AFK kicking As a further reason not to, it's against the ToS to provide competitive advantages to certain players based on their donations. You can only provide "cosmetic items", whatever that means.
  6. nap

    Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-Release 1

    sad to see this go, tbh
  7. Sirop d'รฉrable est probablement le meilleur condiment au monde
  8. My puppy is best puppy. My puppy #1 exporter of potassium. Other puppies have inferior potassium. 100% puppy 66% puppy
  9. Delton and New Felwood are formalizing our Non-Alignment pact to counter this. Nations and autocrats shall be free to follow these rules and we shall secure our freedom outside of them. I will post the non-alignment pact after it has been ratified by the citizens of Delton and New Felwood.
  10. nap

    Community Build Ideas?

    what if we built a battle biome? Where huge stone brick pillars connected by glass pathways house the spectators.
  11. nap

    Whitelist creator_

    It's not sensitive, any person with his username can get it. Also, it is exposed in the clear in a file on the server
  12. me, wheatiesbox, turandorf, luup123, I_DONT_KNOW, suke101, and smoothmoove2 would prefer to be left out of any conflicts unless otherwise stated. Please respect our non-aligned movement