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  1. On 7/4/2019 at 9:39 PM, dot_piranha said:

    AHHHHHH YAAAAY A REPLY!!!!! HERE IS YOUR SUPER SPECIAL BONUS!!!!!!! :weewoo::Rainbow_Blob::crab_rave::spooky:



    I'm glad that you are good! Thank you for asking me how I'm doing too. Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good. I've finally found my feet again with work after a year of grieving over two loved ones. Days are still tough but!!! This is likely my first proper drawing that I've done in years, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to make it ๐Ÿ˜„

    I've never been so proud to receive a picture of an armadillo

  2. 6 hours ago, Lupes said:

    This is particularly relevant to my small city lately so I found it interesting.


    This piece was bought and paid for by Sinclair because we have a DSA councilwoman.
    There have been multiple rebuttals:


    The reason why I really despise it is more personal and has to do with the guy who says police have to get tough. Trust me, they don't.

  3. When you say the world border is 30 km^2, do you mean the world has a side length of 5.48 km? Or that the world has a side length of 30 km?

    I want to build a master map room which we can use to chart the whole world and we we can house the master copies of all world maps, but I want to know what the dimensions of the world are before I build it.

  4. If we're going to set up borders, we should build structures alongย the perimeter of the border to lay claim to the lands therein. It should be obvious to whoever that you're laying claim to the area. I will start building watchtowers along the border of Delton

    As a general rule of thumb, though, if you see a group building in a biome, you should at least let them have that biome.

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  5. Simple Iron Golem murder machine.

    How it works:


    This golem has committed a terrible crime and god-fearing republicans agree that the golem must be executed.


    We escort the condemned to the execution chamber.


    We flip the safety lever locking the condemned in the execution chamber while we can inspect the execution chamber to ensure the condemned has not brought any of the god-fearing citizens with them.


    We press the execution button...


    ... and the condemned is sent down the execution tunnel to their state-prescribed death. God bless the Republic!

    A Closer look at the internals


    The green circuit is controlled by the safety lever and it controls two sticky pistons that move the diorite safety blocks into place.


    Additionally, it locks the red circuit live, using a redstone torch, until it is switched, priming the chamber. While this will keep the condemned from escaping, a future design improvement could add upper safety rails to prevent god-fearing citizens from entering the execution chamber while the chamber is primed.

    Also visible in the above picture is the logic in the red circuit which is controlled by the execution button and controls four sticky pistons that move the granite blocks and drop the condemned into the execution tunnel. The redstone torch on the acacia log keeps the red circuit live until the execution button is pressed. The repeater visible in the picture allows the redstone signal to wrap around the execution chamber.


    This is the maximum signal length for redstone, so the chamber will not tolerate a larger size without a redesign of the red circuit.


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