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    Crazy idea, fun for a month?

    oh boy, sounds fun i'd check in on that every now and then
  2. This will be a series of linked pages/PDFs/youtube videos that will cover rules and mechanics to help you do better
  3. garbagepatrol

    Kerbal Space Program 2 (Multiplayer!)

    you play the first one much at all? i'm starting a new playthrough.
  4. garbagepatrol

    guardian_athena Whitelist Request

  5. garbagepatrol

    Server Direction

    I'm on board with the change, the server pop isn't really high enough right now to warrant that any more. Plus kingdoms was always more of a series of rules to help prevent all out chaos which we have had none of so far.
  6. garbagepatrol

    World of Warcraft Classic

    I might jump in this, probably have weird hours I can play, but definitely interested
  7. garbagepatrol

    Pelennor Fields Gaming Board

  8. garbagepatrol


    I’m not super fond of it. I think in the coming weeks we will see more people building in and around spawn. And we should name it then. Possibly everyone that wants to make a suggestion gives a name and then we vote. Or we name it based on something from one of the past iterations of the server.
  9. garbagepatrol


    once i am done with the builds i'm working on in Jesse and i's place i plan on moving down to the spawn are to build some stuff.
  10. garbagepatrol

    Community Build Ideas?

    i'm also interested in helping with this!
  11. garbagepatrol

    Community Build Ideas?

    I think that could be an excellent part of our Olympics. set aside a large area and just build stuff like that near spawn.
  12. so no interest in forming a nation?
  13. I like most of this. I think 45 Diamonds may be a bit much. Perhaps 3 blocks, and then on a biweekly schedule 1 block is to be donated. After a month of the nation being founded it's the same amount, just with a smaller starting hurdle. but it also requires you to be active enough to continuing paying.
  14. it took like 10 minutes dude
  15. garbagepatrol

    International Standards

    Yeah, also just leaving a sign for them to find and get back to you about building near them
  16. garbagepatrol

    International Standards

    Land claiming would be cool, maybe it cost a bit of supplies that go towards helping spawn town also would a texture pack that we all like or use be something that would fall into the standards category?
  17. garbagepatrol

    International Standards

    Are people interested in trading?
  18. garbagepatrol

    Astroneer 1.0 Launched!

    it looks so much more fleshed out, i am totally down to give it a go
  19. garbagepatrol

    Regular Gaming Night?

    well we are usually finished with dnd earlyish in the night, we could just move game night back a bit, or im open to saturday nights since i can't go out and be up super late or monday/tuesday nights
  20. garbagepatrol

    How to make money and win friends at DND

    Also for specifically doing well in combat you should read this page just so you know all your options. And make sure you pay careful attention to the section about actions you can take on your turn. It could save your life! https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Combat#content
  21. garbagepatrol

    How to make money and win friends at DND

    The first book is everything players will need to make characters, brush up on rules and look up spells, the dungeon masters guide is mostly for the DM's but it can be fun to look at the magic items section to put together a wish list. Volo's guide is just extra weird monsters and some lore about them. And the last one is the regular monster's manual, useful mostly for DMs. Dungeons_&_Dragons_D&D_5E_5th_Ed_-_Dungeon_Master's_Guide_-_OCR_ToC.pdf D&D_5E_-_Player's_Handbook.pdf Volo's Guide to Monsters.pdf DnD 5e Monsters Manual.pdf ( PDFDrive.com ).pdf
  22. garbagepatrol

    January's Political Debate Topic

    check this out. If you don’t want to fuck around with deep frying any potatoes. But I prefer a boiled until the starch is fully released fry, then in a fryer at 275-300 and then finally fried at 350. This works best with bigger style “steak” frys.
  23. garbagepatrol

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    @Lupich There shouldn't be I think. Thieve's cant is something like that and dark elves/Drow have something similar since they operate in a lot of dark/lightless enviroments. idk how zeri would want to go about it.
  24. garbagepatrol

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    So roll 4x or roll 5x and drop the lowest, I’ve always rolled 7x and dropped the lowest.
  25. garbagepatrol

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    I prefer rolling for stats, just because the standard array is very samey