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  1. Realm Company gives out its first dividends to its shareholders. Shareholders have to apply to Carolus999 with their shares as proof and will receive one diamond for each share.

    The Realm Company.jpg

  2. 3 minutes ago, 3546546547 said:

    I still say that the name for the spawn towns should be either Stadt starten, or Laichdorf. (Both variations of start/spawn town.)

    But Grenton is such a Chad of a name I'd have to agree with that as well.

    German inspired, like that. Too obvious, I recommend to look up some old Dutch/Diets/German. Old Norwegian is also awesome for fantasy names. 


    Midstad, Mydstad, Midburgh,... City/Castle in the middle

  3. Pls, no Latin. So generic and overused! 

    'The Realm' has a nice ring to it. The same as what people irl referred to as 'The World'. No specification of what or who, just 'it'. The whole thing. Whatever nation or settlement, it is all part of 'The Realm'. Very vague, very inclusive. Also, has a fantasy touch to it. 

    Spawn? Why not Realmstad. The stad (city) of the realm. Has a rich, powerful ring to it


  4. Interesting and complex discussion. Smaller 'innocent' ones should remain 'legal', they do not form any lag issue.


    However, the larger ones should be banned due to high lag and crashes of the server. However, the person willing to support a server with financial means should be licensed to operate one. Being the only one using it ofc, consuming or selling the items. 


    It is either banning them to ensure a functional server on cheaper means or have the owners contribute to maintain a functional server. 



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    Realm Co. will pay out the first dividends on its shares! One diamond for each share, meaning that some already have gotten their TOTAL investment back! But what if you don't have shares? How do you get rich without it? Just buy a shop at the Grand Market! Why? Because Real Estate is THE investment that pays of in just one week! Small shops already go for 18 diamonds, a rise of 80% in value compared to a week ago! Or perhaps you can buy shares from the current shareholders?



    - Realm Company gives out its first dividends to its shareholders. Shareholders have to apply to Carolus999 with their shares as proof and will receive one diamond for each share.

    - Realm Company is the economy. Any item that is not offered by the free market (read other traders) on the Grand Market will be for sale by Realm Company. You can find more info on what the free market and Realm Co. sells in the Realm Co HQ building, situated on the Grand Market.

    - Realm Company has been funding several automated farms under the umbrella of Benji and will continue to do so.

    - Realm Company thinks about the community and will launch a 'Peasants House' or 'Second Hand' store at the Grand Market (for FREE!). Items that are not of use can be dumped there and be picked up by the needy. This will also have the basic necessities for new players such as an oven etc.


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  6. The Spawn Constitution

    1. This constitution can only be changed by an absolute majority in the Spawn Assembly.
    2. Spawn is a self governing entity, free from any external responsibility or contribution. 
    3. Spawn is a neutral entity acting like a nation among nations, yet it has never to fulfill any requirements to be considered a nation.
    4. Spawn shall organize itself politically as a republic by maintaining a Spawn Assembly open for all citizens which elects monthly a chairman as head of state by at least 50 (+1)% majority.
    5. Spawn shall at all times maintain its territory as 500 blocks in each direction from 0, 0; forming a square with a periphery of 1000 x 1000 blocks.
    6. Spawn shall at all times maintain a minimum government to accomplish only what the individual cannot accomplish. 
    7. New laws can only be implemented by at least a 50 (+1)% majority in the Spawn Assembly.


    1: So we guarantee a free and independent republic where every citizen can have its say on certain rules and plans to organize themselves freely in unity and agreement about issues like property, city planning, trade and transport. No dictatorship, EVER possible.

    2: No nation or man can command, rule or reign over the spawn directly or indirectly. 

    3: While it will act as a nation, it will never be considered one. It will r
    emain entirely neutral in both diplomacy and politics. 

    4: A chairman will lead the discussions in the assembly, where each citizen of the spawn can cast a vote (and let his voice be heard).

    5: Speaks for itself. 

    6: Whatever a player can't accomplish (roads, city planning, ...) should the republic accomplish.

    7: Speaks for itself.

  7. Those roles are artificial and take away creative nation building. What if I want to found a feudal kingdom with several under lords? What if I want to found a dynasty with a highly centralized government? What if I want to have a decentralized nation such as a confederacy?

    I agree that people must both publish the name, capital, flag etc but I would not restrict the founding of nations by both means of administration and finances. You want to have as much as good worked out nations as possible, not as little of bad worked out nations as possible. No fees and no presets. General rules confirming design and lore might be considered necessary. 

    If people want to interact they will do so, no need to work out procedures and routines for interactions not yet to be. Some people will conduct bad diplomacy other very excellent ones. That is part of the game, not everything can be highly regulated and predictable. Talks can always end or start on an unexpected time.

  8. First, thank you for your contribution. Very interesting. We seem to agree on most conditions set out for the spawn. With some different definitions etc, so here a summary of what is on the table:

    The spawn should be:

    - Neutral in eternity
    - 'Capital' of the realm (diplomacy mostly)
    - A republic of some sort with direct representation and maximum freedom towards its citizens.

    When I argument that the spawn should become a nation asap, I do not mean the strict technical sense of the word. It should be seen in daily interactions as a nation. A nation with its own people, representation, rules, symbols and territory just like the other nations. Yet it would not interact on the same conditions with the set out specifications to be a nation. The spawn should be a nation above nations, not a nation among nations. An exception on the nation rules for it acts like one yet is not to abide by the same rules that dictate nations. 

    I could see different models working/not working for the spawn:

    The UN Model

    Spawn is a territory ruled by an international assembly of delegations. A sort of confederate capital where diplomatic issues are resolved, indirectly ruled by the nations. This would translate into a spawn without representation of the spawn citizens and introduce outside influence.

    The Switzerland Model

    Spawn is a territory ruled by its own citizens. A direct democracy with elections interacting with the other nations on a medium of peace and collaboration. This would translate into a spawn without representation of the other nations and exclude outside influence.

    The EU Model

    Spawn is a territory ruled both by its own citizens and an international assembly of delegations. A direct democracy with elections interacting with the other nations in an internal government body part of this nation. For laws or policies to pass, both the chamber of citizens and chamber of delegations has to agree on the proposal by means of vote. This model is a combination of the above. 

    The Somalia Model

    Spawn is not a territory. A sort of unrecognized settlement without rule, representation or organization. Everyone is free to act, both the individual and the nation.

    As we do not act now, the spawn will grow more and more towards The Somalia Model. Nations, or with the lack of official nations atm, settlements outside of the spawn being able to abuse in what form the population of spawn. We need to bond as spawn and act in a nation (remember, a nation above nations.) Spawn is growing and faster than we think, and we do not wish to introduce new players to a settlement of chaos. 

    I highly recommend to pursue the Switzerland model. Highly democratic and respectful towards individual freedom. Something very important, because lets not forget: Most settlements outside the spawn our closed communities. Spawn is a collection of individuals with no or little relation to each other. In order to bound these individuals (which is positive also for the server Spirit) we must form a government asap. 

    The Realm Co. should NOT be the government, yet be an extension of this government (a part of its culture, economy an influence). Small government requires small taxation, with private enterprises fulfilling the need of its citizens, resulting in only the needy paying for these services. The government would only undertake services where private initiatives fail, such a diplomacy, city planning etc.

    To follow the doctrine of Lupich, we must act step by step. And the first step should be to assemble all citizens of spawn in an assembly and discuss the foundation of a nation above nations.


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    It is considered necessary for the spawn settles to assemble and rule themselves, rather now than later.  


    The spawn. Simply said, the beginning for each player on this server. For most it resembles a small town, for others a large community. Some radicals would even claim it only exists out of individuals minding their own business. I however would say it is all of the previous. It is a small town growing rapidly because of its active community, stimulated by these individuals that consider the spawn their home. It is a settlement with opportunity and a future among the possible greater settlements on the server.

    The spawn is a settlement of nobody. No nation has ownership over it or shall never be able to claim ownership. It is known to be neutral, perhaps the reason of its success. However, a town without ownership is a town without a vision. No organisation of any sort will result in anarchy, from cacophony in architecture to disagreement over property and makes this town of nobody vulnerable for economical and political abuse from both outside and within. If we as a settlement want to avoid this approaching chaos, we need to assemble ourselves into a regulated yet open nation that guards this precious settlement of nobody through neutrality.

    The spawn needs to become a nation to determine how large it actually is:

    The spawn should claim a square, 1000 blocks large, 500 blocks from 0 , 0 in each direction. Everything within this would be considered a building (not settlement) on spawn territory.

    The spawn needs bottom up regulations to form an openly agreed vision:

    An assembly of the spawn settlers should agree on certain rules and plans in order to organises themselves freely in unity and agreement about issues like property, city planning, trade and transport. Oh, also, to avoid uberlag due to automated spawns or huge amounts of entities.

    The spawn needs to be the torch of greatness that lights the server with inspiration:

    A well organised and active nation that shines bright from the center of the server will inspire others to bring their nations to greatness.

    But how to govern this free, united and open nation? This Republic of the Realm?

    - To form an assembly where each citizen of the spawn can express their agreement or disagreement.

    - To organize monthly elections for a ‘representative of the people’, aka, head of state, who has very limited (ceremonial) power and is the chairman of this assembly.

    - To transform Realm Co. into this ‘Realm Republic’, which would continue its economical goals and take up those of newly formed republic.

    It is considered necessary for the spawn settles to assemble and rule themselves, rather now than later. Realm Company wants to take the lead in these discussions.

  10. Do you want to become sleeping rich? Do you want to be part of the largest active company in this realm? Of course you do!


    The Realm Company sells 40% of its shares in to accomplish its goals. A sale of 40 shares, at the price of 1 diamond for 1 share! Yes indeed, 1 diamond gives you 1% of the Realm Company!
    Buying a share will give you a free of charge bank account with 1000 units of the soon to be established currency: The Daelder! FOR FREE!

    The current goals of the Realm Company:

    *The Construction of the Stad Square in the spawn. This square will enable the construction and SALE of both private and public guild houses, centralizing both the trade and economy in one place. The Stad Sqaure will also house the soon to be established Bank of the Realm. Truly, the center of both the Realm and the Realm Company!*

    *The further exploitation of both the desert and mesa biomes, giving the Realm luxurious goods in mass such as red sand and red clay!*

    *Further expansion of the trade route to said biomes, for a saver and quicker travel towards these exotic lands*

    The current achievements of the Realm Company:

    *The construction and exploitation of a Gold Farm*

    *The discovery and exploitation of both a desert and mesa biome*

    *The exploration of a trade route and the basic construction of such*


    The Realm Company.jpg

  11. Several nations have invited me to place the HQ at their capital/settlement. All stated that most activity is around the 0 2000 coords instead of the spawn. 

    Trade wise, what would you recommend? HQ at spawn or in an active city?