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    The Realm Company

    Several nations have invited me to place the HQ at their capital/settlement. All stated that most activity is around the 0 2000 coords instead of the spawn. Trade wise, what would you recommend? HQ at spawn or in an active city?
  2. carolus999

    The Realm Company

    !Grinders and redstone farm designers are welcome as well!
  3. carolus999

    Map + meeting

    Hello to all! I am very new to this forum, just came here for the minecraft server. While I am awaiting my spot on the whitelist, I would like to study the map with current nations etc. Meeting people would also be nice. I am Carolus999, used to have my own RP fantasy server and have written several RP pieces. I am totally into geopolitics and RP. Shout out to anyone who wants to involve me in their nations/storylines! Nice to meet you all!
  4. carolus999

    Whitelist Carolus999

    Minecraft Username: Carolus999 Your Age: 23 How did you find us: Reddit Your Timezone: GMT+2 Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I consider myself a builder, very into RP!