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  1. This concept should be discusses, refined and redrawn. It could very well be a libertarian republic. No assembly and just a ceremonial head of state without power. A territory of nobody, forever neutral.
  2. I agree, for now. But for how long?
  3. It is considered necessary for the spawn settles to assemble and rule themselves, rather now than later. The spawn. Simply said, the beginning for each player on this server. For most it resembles a small town, for others a large community. Some radicals would even claim it only exists out of individuals minding their own business. I however would say it is all of the previous. It is a small town growing rapidly because of its active community, stimulated by these individuals that consider the spawn their home. It is a settlement with opportunity and a future among the possible greater settlements on the server. The spawn is a settlement of nobody. No nation has ownership over it or shall never be able to claim ownership. It is known to be neutral, perhaps the reason of its success. However, a town without ownership is a town without a vision. No organisation of any sort will result in anarchy, from cacophony in architecture to disagreement over property and makes this town of nobody vulnerable for economical and political abuse from both outside and within. If we as a settlement want to avoid this approaching chaos, we need to assemble ourselves into a regulated yet open nation that guards this precious settlement of nobody through neutrality. The spawn needs to become a nation to determine how large it actually is: The spawn should claim a square, 1000 blocks large, 500 blocks from 0 , 0 in each direction. Everything within this would be considered a building (not settlement) on spawn territory. The spawn needs bottom up regulations to form an openly agreed vision: An assembly of the spawn settlers should agree on certain rules and plans in order to organises themselves freely in unity and agreement about issues like property, city planning, trade and transport. Oh, also, to avoid uberlag due to automated spawns or huge amounts of entities. The spawn needs to be the torch of greatness that lights the server with inspiration: A well organised and active nation that shines bright from the center of the server will inspire others to bring their nations to greatness. But how to govern this free, united and open nation? This Republic of the Realm? - To form an assembly where each citizen of the spawn can express their agreement or disagreement. - To organize monthly elections for a ‘representative of the people’, aka, head of state, who has very limited (ceremonial) power and is the chairman of this assembly. - To transform Realm Co. into this ‘Realm Republic’, which would continue its economical goals and take up those of newly formed republic. It is considered necessary for the spawn settles to assemble and rule themselves, rather now than later. Realm Company wants to take the lead in these discussions.
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    By your shares now Zeriador! They may be too expensive in the near future, trust me!
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    The true rich bitches live at the Grand Market #nopeasantjokes
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    10 shares left folks! High valued shares, 2 dias per share!
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    Do you want to become sleeping rich? Do you want to be part of the largest active company in this realm? Of course you do! BUY A SHARE TODAY AND GET RICH TOMORROW! The Realm Company sells 40% of its shares in to accomplish its goals. A sale of 40 shares, at the price of 1 diamond for 1 share! Yes indeed, 1 diamond gives you 1% of the Realm Company! Buying a share will give you a free of charge bank account with 1000 units of the soon to be established currency: The Daelder! FOR FREE! The current goals of the Realm Company: *The Construction of the Stad Square in the spawn. This square will enable the construction and SALE of both private and public guild houses, centralizing both the trade and economy in one place. The Stad Sqaure will also house the soon to be established Bank of the Realm. Truly, the center of both the Realm and the Realm Company!* *The further exploitation of both the desert and mesa biomes, giving the Realm luxurious goods in mass such as red sand and red clay!* *Further expansion of the trade route to said biomes, for a saver and quicker travel towards these exotic lands* The current achievements of the Realm Company: *The construction and exploitation of a Gold Farm* *The discovery and exploitation of both a desert and mesa biome* *The exploration of a trade route and the basic construction of such*
  8. carolus999

    The Realm Company

    Several nations have invited me to place the HQ at their capital/settlement. All stated that most activity is around the 0 2000 coords instead of the spawn. Trade wise, what would you recommend? HQ at spawn or in an active city?
  9. carolus999

    The Realm Company

    !Grinders and redstone farm designers are welcome as well!
  10. carolus999

    The Realm Company

    Hereby declares the honorable gentleman, Carolus999, to found the Company of the Realm, managing its possessions and assets like it would be his. This company shall coordinate and oversee the realm economy by creating and encouraging private enterprises. This through the regulation and oversight of investment and currency flow by establishing trade institutions, such as The Company of The Realm. The Company of the Realm shall undertake the following actions: * * Funding of expeditions to seek profitable deserts and mesas * * Acquiring such exploitable biomes and extracting the wealth * * Organizing the exploit and transport of these goods to the spawn * * Founding and maintaining The Realm Bank and its respective currency * * Founding and maintaining The Realm Rangers * * We seek trained minds in economics, logistics, architecture, militarism, engineering, ... !SIGN UP NOW FOR THE GREATEST TRADE COMPANY IN THE REALM!
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    Map + meeting

    Hello to all! I am very new to this forum, just came here for the minecraft server. While I am awaiting my spot on the whitelist, I would like to study the map with current nations etc. Meeting people would also be nice. I am Carolus999, used to have my own RP fantasy server and have written several RP pieces. I am totally into geopolitics and RP. Shout out to anyone who wants to involve me in their nations/storylines! Nice to meet you all!
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    Whitelist Carolus999

    Minecraft Username: Carolus999 Your Age: 23 How did you find us: Reddit Your Timezone: GMT+2 Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I consider myself a builder, very into RP!