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    Do you even exercise?

    Have been on an 'arnold split' for a little while now. It's a ton of volume but I enjoy it so not too bad. Looks like: Chest, Back / Shoulders, Arms/ Legs, Abs / REST I just wrote this up from memory but this is pretty close to what I've been following. It definitely has some drawbacks that I'm looking to smooth out as it's time I actually follow a program (even if I write it myself) instead of winging it like I've been doing. My max flat bench is around ~330 and my max OHP is 255. Don't know squat or deadlift as my knee is fucked and I usually keep the working sets lighter as I'm a ~vanity~ man and not exactly going for strength. Working sets for flat/incline bench are around 265 and 230 respectively. Rows are like 230, OHP is around 205-225. I weigh ~220lb. I'm also, uh, eNhAncEd, though, so - not that good! Weights are probably the best thing I've discovered and definitely my top hobby outside of video games to the point where I'm holding myself to the responsibility of doing a show in a year. So if you ever want to talk the gym I'm always super happy to do so!
  2. dook

    Risk of Rain 2

    Definitely recommend the first one and will probably be picking up the second in a few weeks when I get some of my finances squared away.
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    Introductions Thread

    Hello hello, I'm duke/dook/(or some variation of the word lmao). I'm 21 and finishing up my last year of a CS-ish undergrad. I'm from the east coast but will on the west coast over the summer for work. I'm big into video games and bodybuilding. Too poor for any other hobbies at the moment, haha. Glad to be back and looking forward to fucking around with you guys.