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  1. i only want to read what is absolutely necessary. i have to play minecraft and read this. and do other stuff involving school
  2. Is it really required to read every word here?
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    April Screenshots, Server Beginnings!

    Well, there will be mroe "fun" things in the world soon
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    not whitelisted
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    I was not whitelisted.
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    Woopsie, i meant GMT -4 now. I forgot it was Daylight savings time.
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    Minecraft Username: Amazingkook143 Your Age: 18 How did you find us: Kreeky Bekky told me, he and I are good friends Your Timezone: -5 EST Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I play mostly modded so I know my way with tech. When I play Vanilla, I LOVE MAKING MAPS. I enjoy making BIG maps of an area I will be living in. I am also someone who does enjoy a little of PVP action but not that much. Bad builder, decent redstone user.