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    The Music Thread 2018

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    Minecraft Server

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    New Federal Party in Canada

    Yeah, this one has me worried too. I like the pro-shooter/hunter policies but really don't want to see another 4 years of Trudeau. We don't really get much time to watch the new party in action before election time comes either. Bernier struck me as a much stronger leader, Scheer seems a little meek. Have either of them taken a stance on the new USMCA?
  4. Anybody see this? I'm convinced the whole thing is a smear campaign and Kavanaugh is innocent. I'm glad someone is standing up to it, using rape accusations politically shits all over real victims if you ask me.
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    Lindsey Graham chews some serious ass.

    I started a thread with the basic message that unproven allegations shouldn't be treated as fact, especially when the allegation is so life altering. You came in here and attacked my sources, politics and are actively defending the pre-trial prosecution of a man. I told you that isn't what this thread is about, you continue to post it. Does the thread say "Kavanaugh, Why I think he is the dankest nominee ever"? No, it doesn't. Before you go there, I'm not dodging you. You are derailing my thread, Kavanaughs eligibility as a candidate is NOT the topic here. I do, it's not what I was after in this thread though. This shit is happening worldwide, I'm not saying every allegation is bullshit and that's why I agree that they need to be investigated. I simply think that until someone is found guilty of a sexual crime, it needs to be kept to the courts and investigators and not blasted in the media. If someone is found guilty, go ahead and prosecute and blast it all over the media. Don't however, destroy what turns out to be an innocent mans life over what turns out to be mistaken identity or whatever the case may be. Seriously though Nap, it may be the internet but that doesn't mean you need to come in here with your snarky attitude right off the hop. I barely know you, you came in and derailed my thread and proceeded to call any source I may link dogshit. You are entitled to your opinion however, you did not come in here to have a civil conversation regarding the topic, instead you attempted to turn the thread into a political pissing match. Not only did you scoff and brush off the fact that I know and am very close with someone who was affected by this but you compared that story to throwing a frog in boiling water which has nothing to do with the topic whatsoever. Like I said, if you want to discuss your topic you are welcome to go start your own thread. Unless you have an opinion on this topic, please piss off.
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    The Music Thread 2018

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    Lindsey Graham chews some serious ass.

    I might be guilty on this one, I saw a couple quick articles and pics at the time but nothing now. Typical leftist response is to be hostile towards my choice of news/sources. What next? you'll want me silenced for posting on The_Donald? I consume more news in a day compared to most, and it's hard to 100% accurately sort out the bullshit from both sides of bias. I don't even know if you're a leftist, everyone seems so rabid towards anyone to the right of center these days it's getting hard to tell. You think its okay to brush aside the fact that a false accusation derails an innocent persons life? Once the accusation is out there it stays, you can be found not guilty and the accuser can be found to be lying and you have little to no legal recourse. At this point you are a free man when you exit the court room to the public where a large group of people who have already made up their mind that you are guilty await. For years afterwards you receive the "Hey, your that guy from that court case" (especially true in smaller towns or high profile cases). My understanding is the worst part of the whole ordeal is when people/friends start to question your spouse/children on what their opinion may be, this places a great strain on the family. I'm not opposed to a proper investigation (which it appears is happening), I'm opposed to slandering the man publicly before he has been convicted of the crime. People are straight up calling Kavanaugh a rapist and he has never stood trial for it, that is unacceptable. You call what I have to say dogshit and request sources, yet fail to provide any of your own for the accusations of perjury. Better yet, since this thread is about the rape accusation and how its being used publicly to delay the vote. Perhaps we could start a whole thread about why he may or may not be a good candidate in that based off of his record in court. Please find me a judge that hasn't perjured themselves a few times over the years, not that its necessarily a good thing to ignore. These are things to be considered during the voting process but they do not automatically make him guilty of raping someone decades ago. You tell me that Ford naming Kavanaugh during therapy is legal fact, I've failed to find any proof of a name surfacing until right around the time this whole thing was announced to the media. Are you telling me it took a SC nomination to make the alleged assault fresh in her memory or that it took 30+ years for her to attempt to report/act against the person who assaulted her? Neither of those seem like the actions of some who teaches clinical psychology. https://archive.fo/Y1JgE Not saying its proof, but not a theory to be ignored. Regardless, didn't you e-date/send pics to little girls back in the day? If so, doesn't this bring your ability to judge someone elses ethics into question? If we abide by the logic that is being used against Kavanaugh that you are currently defending, now that I've made the accusation shouldn't we just assume you're guilty and proceed as such until you can prove yourself innocent beyond a reasonable doubt? All I'm trying to say is, let the vote happen. If he is elected great, if not that's the way it goes. Proceed with the investigation throughout the process and remove him from position and prosecute if needed. Unproven accusations should play no role in the vote for any position of power, they far too easy to weaponize against your opponent and brush under the table later if they don't pan out.
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    Lindsey Graham chews some serious ass.

    Why now? Why not at some point in the past? Why is Hillary Clinton involved with Fords attorney? What about Fords boyfriend at the time who actually lived near where this incident is said to have happened and based on visual appearances could be Kavanaughs twin brother? It is my understanding that Ford named no names in previous discussions about the incident, just that she had been "assaulted". At the end of the day, this is a 30+ year old accusation and the bullshit #metoo movement has removed the need to prove somebody guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It just so happens that Kavanaughs mother presided over the foreclosure of one of the Ford familys properties and that Kavanaugh himself was involved in the legal proceedings against Bill Clinton when he was impeached. Scoff all you want at the concept, all you are doing is setting the precedent so unproven accusations can completely derail peoples lives. I know someone who was falsely accused of sexual misconduct, I know they were innocent because I was present for many of the dates and times it was said to have happened. The accusations ruined this persons life, an otherwise clean, healthy and innocent life. People who instantly believe the accuser because they are the victim can go fuck themselves.
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    Regular night gaming?

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    The Music Thread 2018

    Saw this shit live this year, still got ringing in my ears. Shit was tight, riots in the broke ass seating section and all.
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    Grouse Hunting

    In my experience they are dumb enough that you won't need to discharge a firearm, just walk over and pick it up. Process into delicious tendies and enjoy the rewards of your hunt.
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    The Music Thread 2018