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  1. Chiefjeese

    digitalronin whitelist request

    Somebody whitelist this man.
  2. Chiefjeese

    May 2019 Screenshots Thread

  3. Chiefjeese

    January's Political Debate Topic

    I 3x fry my shit, 60 seconds per dip. before the last dip they see a little parm cheese and a pinch of italian seasoning. lightly salted as soon as I remove from the deep fryer. Gotta have a good gravy, anything with vegetable stock in it can fuck a goat.
  4. Chiefjeese

    Whipsaw 2020

    Rear bumper height is 21 inches, being that its a pickup I overhang pretty bad. Departure angle is 37.9 degrees, I am however quite convinced I can massage some bigger tires on there without a lift which should bump that up a bit.
  5. Chiefjeese

    Whipsaw 2020

    New bumper just went on the truck, no more low hanging bumper fruit. I need to rework the tow hooks, toss on a few spotlights for fog and trail and it should be trail ready. Not sure yet but it looks like this may have opened me up to run a bit more tire than before.
  6. Chiefjeese

    Whipsaw 2020

    Safe to say we can get a group together for a run then, shall we nail down a date? I'm looking for less dry than last time we were out there but still warm enough to camp comfortably. Ideally it won't be a swamp either so some of the less capable vehicles can make the run as well.
  7. Chiefjeese

    Regular Gaming Night?

    I'll look into but I'm fairly certain there are some variants with large roof mounted guns.
  8. Chiefjeese

    Regular Gaming Night?

    We need to have a GTAV night, we can show of some cars and terrorize some servers. If we can round up enough people to do it regularly I would spend a few shekels to buy an armored bus for the larger group.
  9. Chiefjeese

    Whipsaw 2020

    If we are planning that far out I'm sure a trailer can be lined up to haul any toys required. Our rig will either be something bigger and better or the same thing with some modifications, so towing won't be an issue.
  10. Chiefjeese

    Whipsaw 2020

    Just saying, this could be a thing. I'm due down to B.C. for a trip after I get hitched this year and I'm thinking that a wheeling trip is probably in order. I enjoyed Whipsaw last time it was run but she was a bit dusty. Could we plan a trip, well in advance of course for a slightly damper time of year? Knowing what we know now about the trail I think the trip could be pretty inclusive to those riding bikes/quads or rolling in SxS's. First order of business, is anyone interested? Secondly, what would be an appropriate time of year to get a little muddy but not deal with uncomfortable camping temperatures? Thirdly, are any of the other previous run members man enough to run their trucks down the trail again?
  11. Chiefjeese


    Can the dream team be brought back together? I dabbled a bit in the game recently and kinda caught the bug. Anybody interested in picking this back up?
  12. Chiefjeese

    The Music Thread 2019

  13. Chiefjeese

    Introductions Thread

    Chiefjeese - I'm 30, I fix things outdoors for a living, I like gaming, guns and wheelin' the shit out of stuff, I believe in small government and personal freedoms. Chances are....you won't like me.
  14. Chiefjeese

    DNA Database Debate

    I don't think the drug manufacturer thing in particular is the problem, its the private database holders willingness to sell the data and the fact that agreeing to use their service allows them to do so that raises some concerns. I would love to be able to nail down my heritage precisely, there are a few things I simply will not hand over willingly and my DNA is one of them. I fully understand why some people are willing to submit the information though, so no judgment passed on anyone who does.
  15. Chiefjeese

    DNA Database Debate

    Big business and big government are serious butt buddies anyways, I wouldn't trust a private database anymore than a government one. I just want to go live in the woods and be left alone, if I die of some preventable genetic disease so be it.