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  1. On 7/3/2019 at 9:00 PM, nap said:

    > How are you doing?

    good'n you?

    AHHHHHH YAAAAY A REPLY!!!!! HERE IS YOUR SUPER SPECIAL BONUS!!!!!!! :weewoo::Rainbow_Blob::crab_rave::spooky:



    I'm glad that you are good! Thank you for asking me how I'm doing too. Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good. I've finally found my feet again with work after a year of grieving over two loved ones. Days are still tough but!!! This is likely my first proper drawing that I've done in years, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to make it :D

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  2. Let’s get real this month.

    How are you doing?

    Have you drank enough water today?

    Are your shoulders tense?

    Is your jaw clenched?

    Should you take a moment to take some deep breaths?

    Is there something you need help with?

    Should you ask someone for help?

    Having a bad day?

    How about giving yourself a little more grace and patience because you’re having a bad day?

    Or having a good day?

    How about counting your good day as a big win and treat yourself?

    Do you need a hug?

    Will you take a virtual one from me?

    You can do the thing!!



    No pressure to reply to everything/anything but all replies will get a super duper something!

    EDIT: You can reply as many times as you want this month with your check in 🐋🔆

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    *more furious yelling here*

    I don’t have a pupper but I want one sooooOooOooO0o0o bad 😭😭

    This one was almost my pupper...


    But!!!! Here are a few doggos I’ve given lots of pets to:


    Cloud fluffernutter!



    Goofy sister and brother rescues!



    Another fluffer!!!!



    Sweet boy at the park named Kacie who has arthritis but so beautiful and happy and a good boy and I love you!!!!!!!

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  4. Noods are so popular, there’s even a religion for it! But whose are better?! Italians? Asians? Other?!?!!?





    I’ll post some of mine first:



    Japanese Tsukemen!



    Pride noods!



    Vietnamese Pho!




    FUSION’D! Angel hair pasta with sea urchin sauce!


    After experiencing all of these, I can confidently agree 100%.

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  5. I forgot about cheese and that is very shameful. I also can’t seem to figure out how to edit my post on mobile to hide my shame in the hopes it goes unnoticed.

    Everyone makes mistakes—especially in political debates.

    Anyway, cheese. Best placed between the mustard and the protein for optimal stickage/prevent slidey bread.

    I was going to tag Chiefcheese to contribute to this part but I realize your username is actually Chiefjeese.

    Apologies all around.

  6. Contrary to popular belief, I declare sandwiches to be utterly delicious.

    That is my stance and I’m stickin’ to it.



    P.S. If one were to do a sandwitch justice, the amount of protein in said sandwich needs to be the thickness of at least one bread slice. None of this one slice business. Just have a bread salad if you’re going to do that, dangit.

    One side of bread buttered or mayo’d (I prefer le beurre) so it creates a fatty moisture barrier and sticks to the leafy goodness and keeps it in place. Spicy mustard on the other side to meld with the protein. Tomatoes between lettuce and protein to keep the tomato juices from creating a soggy sammich. Or, a pro-tip I learned: if you’ve got a pocket knife in your EDC, bring the tomato whole and slice it fresh. Eat the remainder of the tomato as a side.

    Another tip for keeping sumwichers from soggying up before consumption later in the day is to give the bread a toast before applying the filling.

    I’m also a huge fan of avocados and eggs being part of my samwatches.

    Also also. Go heavy on the cracked pepper.

    Fillings and condiments need to reach or overreach the edges and be evenly distributed. Seriously.

    Get classy and put the toothpicks into your sammies, because it will be a hefty beast and you need to help it keep its structure.

    Lastly, cutting your layered masterpiece into triangles makes it taste better.




    P.P.S. Remember to take out the toothpicks before nomming.




    P.P.P.S. I really want to make a shooter’s sandwich.


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  7. Not discuss—DEBATE!

    JK, the fact that there is a new debate topic makes me excited!

    I'm going to step in with the "sous vide" method for the tenderness and juicy factor. Go for 2 hours at 130°F - 135°F and finish off with a quick sear on a cast iron pan. Lots All of the butter.

    Great article comparing the difference of sous vide vs. traditional method on Anova's website.

    Here's a video of different sous vide times too, that I thought was interesting.

    At the end of the day though, I think we can all agree on: the steak will be eaten. Unless you don't eat meat.

    P.S. A sous vide cooker is such a great tool!! Super soft salmon, fall of the bone ribs, gooey eggs.... Mmmm.

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  8. 9 hours ago, Chiefjeese said:

    I 3x fry my shit, 60 seconds per dip. before the last dip they see a little parm cheese and a pinch of italian seasoning. lightly salted as soon as I remove from the deep fryer.

    Gotta have a good gravy, anything with vegetable stock in it can fuck a goat.

    I think your argument is sound and can hold grease. 👍🏼

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  9. Hi.

    I would like everyone's political opinion about potatoes.

    I'll start.

    In my very right wing liberatarianism point of view, I think potatoes, if ever fried, should be double fried. This creates the perfect crunchiness because soggy fries are sad. If you wanted your fries soggy, you may as well not have even bothered putting the potato in the fryer to begin with.

    The double fry method ensures the perfect eating texture. It's like the double tap of the culinary world.

    Okay, now you say something.


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