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  1. dot_piranha

    February Political Debate Topic

    Not discuss—DEBATE! JK, the fact that there is a new debate topic makes me excited! I'm going to step in with the "sous vide" method for the tenderness and juicy factor. Go for 2 hours at 130°F - 135°F and finish off with a quick sear on a cast iron pan. Lots All of the butter. Great article comparing the difference of sous vide vs. traditional method on Anova's website. Here's a video of different sous vide times too, that I thought was interesting. At the end of the day though, I think we can all agree on: the steak will be eaten. Unless you don't eat meat. P.S. A sous vide cooker is such a great tool!! Super soft salmon, fall of the bone ribs, gooey eggs.... Mmmm.
  2. dot_piranha

    January's Political Debate Topic

    Can I tell you all how happy I am with this thread?! What a great debate. Checking it off my list of resolutions, made retroactively.
  3. dot_piranha

    January's Political Debate Topic

    I think your argument is sound and can hold grease. 👍🏼
  4. dot_piranha

    January's Political Debate Topic

    Hi. I would like everyone's political opinion about potatoes. I'll start. In my very right wing liberatarianism point of view, I think potatoes, if ever fried, should be double fried. This creates the perfect crunchiness because soggy fries are sad. If you wanted your fries soggy, you may as well not have even bothered putting the potato in the fryer to begin with. The double fry method ensures the perfect eating texture. It's like the double tap of the culinary world. Okay, now you say something.