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    July 2019 Screenshots

    Dude, this is art!
  2. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

    Great song and video, but belongs in music thread, imo.
  3. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

  4. Zeriador

    Brothers and Sisters....

    Sometimes I forget that I own Origin. I have several AAA titles on there which are multiplayer. I own Battlefield 4, Bad Company 2, and I. Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Titanfall 2.
  5. Zeriador

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

  6. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019

  7. Zeriador

    WoW: Classic

    I'll be your Shadow Priest, baby.
  8. Zeriador

    Minecraft Data Packs

    I don't know if I'd use it unless I needed to, but it might be cool for old ruins you need to explore.
  9. Zeriador

    The Hunter: Call of the Wild

    Mythical Bear spotted while hunting whitetail.
  10. Zeriador

    Minecraft Data Packs

    Treecapitator. Discuss.
  11. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

  12. Zeriador

    World Lore

    It's not one place, Grenton stands apart.
  13. Zeriador

    Warhammer 40k

    This thread is for all things Warhammer 40k. Check out this 3 part flick some dude is putting together. Absolutely top notch.
  14. Zeriador

    Warhammer 40k

    So good.
  15. Zeriador

    World Lore

    So Grenton and Realmstad. I like it.
  16. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019

  17. Ladies and Gents, if Nap can figure it out, you can too.
  18. Zeriador

    World Lore

    I suggest that Old Spawn be named Grenton, a heritage site which shares the border with Libertatium, pronounced Lib-er-tat-ee-um.
  19. Zeriador

    Server "Tech Build" Laws?

    "I am a huge fan of AFK kicking." *Said by local man while he rode a cart in a small loop indefinitely*.
  20. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

    Dude, the entire western side of NA is going to start feeling it like this. 😧
  21. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019

  22. Zeriador

    Battle Biome (Desert at X -1500 Z 150)

    One step closer for the battles to begin!
  23. *sharpens his pitchfork to stab people with who would deem to rule him* Spawn is a libertarian haven.
  24. Zeriador

    May 2019 Screenshots Thread

    Less than a week left in May, get your screenshots in! Here Zeriador admires the path he shaped. Cower in fear before a son of Palma. Just some guys enjoying a cake. I like where this is going. Come by anytime, Xlauv.