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  1. Zeriador

    Vermintide 2

    A place to show off your kits, once you get some nice ones. Obviously not a kit, but I wanted to show off the most damage I've done in the game so far. Failed on a Legend Skittergate run. The elf kept running off and dying. I am Dr. Frasier Crane and...I'm listening.
  2. Yeah, I'm down for this. I understand some people don't like Discord, but you (Garby) and I can host a Discord server for wider appeal.
  3. The last couple minutes of the World Championship where Cloud9 roundly beats Dignitas. Not only did they trounce them, but they had to do it twice, as Cloud9 had to come from the losing bracket. Did I care about this before 6 hours ago? No. Was it a fun watch? Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPOBp32LheA
  4. Hey gang. I've been bitten by the DnD bug and I kinda want to start a campaign. I wouldn't mind being the DM and I believe I can handle it. If we all use Tabletop Sim, we could load in a DnD 5E set and host up to 8 people. Anyone want to give this a go? I was thinking once a week, 3-4 hours to prevent burnout. https://i.imgur.com/zUSCU5D.jpg Just a character I threw together for Mines of Phandelver.
  5. Zeriador

    Bongo Cats

  6. Zeriador

    Regular night gaming?

    How do I select all?
  7. Zeriador

    The Video Thread 2018

    I grew up on this shit.
  8. Zeriador

    Secure, Contain, Protect

    We should put together a 2D pixel sprite game in GameMaker with SCP as the central theme.
  9. Zeriador

    Uh oh!

    I have a complaint, but the complaint department is broken. Please gib signatures.
  10. Zeriador

    Should Anime be Illegal?