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  1. Zeriador

    Bongo Cats

  2. Zeriador

    Regular night gaming?

    How do I select all?
  3. Zeriador

    The Video Thread 2018

    I grew up on this shit.
  4. Zeriador

    Secure, Contain, Protect

    We should put together a 2D pixel sprite game in GameMaker with SCP as the central theme.
  5. Zeriador

    Uh oh!

    I have a complaint, but the complaint department is broken. Please gib signatures.
  6. Zeriador

    Should Anime be Illegal?

  7. Zeriador

    Should Anime be Illegal?

  8. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2018

    Something for your mind.
  9. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2018

    Close off distractions. Listen through headphones.
  10. Zeriador

    The Video Thread 2018

    Go into youtube. You're at the home screen? Good. Post the third video from the top left or bottom right of your screen.
  11. Zeriador

    Grandpa Joe is a Piece of Shit

    Grandpa Joe represents an extreme form of parasitism. There has to be some overarching narcissism which feeds his inherent arrogance. What should we do with such caricatures? I suggest we send them to the salt mines!
  12. Zeriador

    Grouse Hunting

    I was thinking about looking at hiking into the back country behind a mountain near me called Grouse Mountain in order to bag some grouse. My city doesn't allow the discharge of firearms, so not only will I have to be careful to know what the stipulations for hunting are, but I will have to geographically ensure I don't do this inside of the municipal border. I look forward to it.