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  1. Zeriador

    World Lore

    It's not one place, Grenton stands apart.
  2. Zeriador

    Warhammer 40k

    So good.
  3. Zeriador

    World Lore

    So Grenton and Realmstad. I like it.
  4. Ladies and Gents, if Nap can figure it out, you can too.
  5. Zeriador

    World Lore

    I suggest that Old Spawn be named Grenton, a heritage site which shares the border with Libertatium, pronounced Lib-er-tat-ee-um.
  6. Zeriador

    Server "Tech Build" Laws?

    "I am a huge fan of AFK kicking." *Said by local man while he rode a cart in a small loop indefinitely*.
  7. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

    Dude, the entire western side of NA is going to start feeling it like this. 😧
  8. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019

  9. Zeriador

    Battle Biome (Desert at X -1500 Z 150)

    One step closer for the battles to begin!
  10. *sharpens his pitchfork to stab people with who would deem to rule him* Spawn is a libertarian haven.
  11. Zeriador

    May 2019 Screenshots Thread

    Less than a week left in May, get your screenshots in! Here Zeriador admires the path he shaped. Cower in fear before a son of Palma. Just some guys enjoying a cake. I like where this is going. Come by anytime, Xlauv.
  12. Zeriador


    *begins to make cakes to sell to both the aristocratic and peasant folk* Mending von Mender, a local Librarian had this to say. "Zeriador's cakes are sold at far too low prices. How can I compete with that? The lowest I'll go is three emeralds."
  13. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019