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  1. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

    I really enjoyed watching these. Makes me want to learn more game theory.
  2. Zeriador

    Build A Civilization

    This thread will archive stuff which could be useful.
  3. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019

  4. Zeriador

    July 2019 Screenshots

    Dude, this is art!
  5. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

    Great song and video, but belongs in music thread, imo.
  6. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

  7. Zeriador

    Brothers and Sisters....

    Sometimes I forget that I own Origin. I have several AAA titles on there which are multiplayer. I own Battlefield 4, Bad Company 2, and I. Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Titanfall 2.
  8. Zeriador

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

  9. Zeriador

    The Music Thread 2019

  10. Zeriador

    WoW: Classic Megathread

    I'll be your Shadow Priest, baby.
  11. Zeriador

    Minecraft Data Packs

    I don't know if I'd use it unless I needed to, but it might be cool for old ruins you need to explore.
  12. Zeriador

    Minecraft Data Packs

    Treecapitator. Discuss.