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  1. Zeriador

    Movie Nights

  2. Zeriador

    Vermintide 2

    LEET Damage, bitches.
  3. Zeriador

    February Political Debate Topic

    I haven't had a steak in ages. Currently, though, I only have a toaster oven to cook one in. Sad.
  4. Zeriador

    Vermintide 2

    Absolutely SAVAGE! War Camp, Legend.
  5. Zeriador

    Warhammer Fantasy - Skull Pass

    I should visit for a day, we could knock them out.
  6. Zeriador

    The Justice (Lady)Boner Thread

    Bring on the karmic retribution, the revenge served with a side of the law, the justice montage! https://reddit.app.link/RCeebQbYhU
  7. Zeriador

    The Daily Wins Thread

    Applied to 3 different jobs and one volunteer position. Considering getting my class 4 driver's license.
  8. Zeriador

    Do you even exercise?

    Oh no! Not the wings! Going to gym later because I misplaced my pass. Reeee
  9. Zeriador

    Secure, Contain, Protect

    Is the crow another SCP I'm not aware of?
  10. Zeriador

    Secure, Contain, Protect

  11. Zeriador

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    Thanks guys, it means a lot to me to hear that!