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    Best Office or "xtreme gamerz" Chair?

    i got a generic "gaming" racer style for like 60 bucks at a wholesale place here in edmonton and it is pretty nice.
  2. Xlauv

    The world needs more Dave Chappelle.

    just watched this special last night. dave needs to do more standup.
  3. Xlauv

    The Daily Wins Thread

    Not trying to one up, but since last wednesday i did about 120km at the festival with my best day being 36km on sunday lol
  4. Xlauv

    Video Thread 2019

    get to see nero live in a couple weeks, so fucking stoked
  5. Xlauv

    WoW: Classic Megathread

    still thinking about it, but i prefer the horde side of things as that was what i played 90% of the time.
  6. Xlauv

    WoW: Classic Megathread

    i've thought about it but just literally do not have the time these days to sink effectively into an MMO so i shall sit here and reminisce fondly of ye old days.
  7. Xlauv

    This was a long time coming.

    holy fuck finally.
  8. Xlauv

    WhiteList ChargedBlivion

    i dunno guys, he seems kinda fishy.
  9. Xlauv

    The Daily Wins Thread

    i uh... took my SKS out shooting today for the first time in probably a year and half. was able to DING an 8in gong at about 60 yards 2 - 3 times out of 5 after 1 warmup stripper clip. using some of albanias finest surplus rounds xD
  10. Xlauv

    Logitech brings back the MX518!

    i love my g500s and it is still going great but im glad these are coming back in case it dies xD
  11. Xlauv

    The Music Thread 2019

    i hope ya like headbangin, cause i like headbangin
  12. Xlauv


    frostpunk... and i even played like 30 minutes of skyrim!
  13. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

    Switched up my workout again. Changing to the stronglifts 5x5 routine/app since it frees up some "life" time for me and will focus more on just raw strength which i want.
  14. Xlauv


    looks like a cross between minecraft and cubeworld. seems interesting but imma be honest with myself and say im probably not going to get it/play it 🤔
  15. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

    So this is just rough numbers, but the new routine 1.Incline bench 3 sets 8-12 - 35 Alternating DB incl. 4 sets 8-10 30 Smith machine flat 3 sets 8-12 55 Cable flies 3 sets 8-12 35 Dips 3 sets to failure Abs 2.Deadlifts 3 sets 8-10 115 Pullups 3 sets 10-12 (noweight) Chest supported rows 3 sets 60 Lat pulldowns 3 sets 8-12 115 Scapula Pullups 3 sets 10-12 Shrugs superset w/ upright row 3 sets 40/50 Abs 4.Leg press 1warmup 4 sets Squats 3 sets 45 70 70 Smith Split Squats 2 sets 15 Leg extensions 3 sets 60 80 120 Leg curl 50 70 Calf raises 90 Abs 5. Standing military press 4 sets 8-10 DS 40 50 60 70 DB alternating presses 4 sets 8-10 DS 30/35/40/45 25DS Lat raises SS front raises 3 sets 8-10 20/ 22/ 25 15/17/20 Behind the back lat raises 3 sets 8-10 25 Facepulls 3 sets 8-12 30 Abs 6.Close grip bench 3 sets 50 Heavy Barbell Curls 3 sets 70 Rope tricep ext. 3 sets 90 DB alternating curls 30 Tricep machine - end on 200 chinups Bicep extension w/ cable 50 Abs
  16. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

    My workout BFF changed our routine up, going to the gym 6/7 days now and new workouts, can't wait for them DOMs. ill post my weights after this week. I'm still considering take boxing or kickboxing on my off day but that would interfere with wing wednesday
  17. Xlauv

    random pics (not memes) thread

    it wasnt THAT nsfw
  18. Xlauv

    random pics (not memes) thread

    removed, sfw pls.
  19. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?