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  1. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

    My workout BFF changed our routine up, going to the gym 6/7 days now and new workouts, can't wait for them DOMs. ill post my weights after this week. I'm still considering take boxing or kickboxing on my off day but that would interfere with wing wednesday
  2. Xlauv

    random pics (not memes) thread

    it wasnt THAT nsfw
  3. Xlauv

    random pics (not memes) thread

    removed, sfw pls.
  4. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

  5. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

    Couldn't find how to edit my old post but these are my numbers so far. All number where are bar or plates are involved are counted by one side and not included bar or machine weight. Monday- Incline dumbbell - 60lbs bench press - 55lbs bench flys - 35lbs cable flys - 45lbs chest press machine (simulate decline press) - 110lbs wide grip dips BW x 10 Tuesday- bent over bar row - 45lbs dumbbell row - 55lbs deadlifts - i was doing 2 plate but dropped it to 1 for a while since my calluses were tearing cable row, wide grip - 130lbs bent over cable rows - 110lbs dumbbell shrugs - 25lbs Thursday- legpress - 160lbs squat - 70lbs leg extension machine - 110lbs laydown hammy curl - 45lbs leg curl machine - 90 calf raises - 45 Friday - dumbbell shoulder press - 35lbs flappies - 15lbs smith machine shoulder press - 30lbs cable behind back flappies - 15 rear delt fly machine - 105 cuban press with shorty bar - 15 Saturday- (T) close grip barbell press - 35lbs (T) cable pulldown - 75lbs (T) Bench dips - 70lbs (T) cable tri extensions - 35lbs bicep curl - 35lbs preacher w/ curve bar - 20lbs cable bicep extensions - 55lbs Days not listed, Wednesday and Sunday, are rest or catchup days
  6. Xlauv

    Introductions Thread

    Fack, I'm Xlauv, the ancient evil. I live near Jeese, we hunt and shit together. I don't play too many of the vidya lately since ive been too busy going to the gym and raves and shit. I work at a plant doing operator-y and maintenance-y things.
  7. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

  8. Xlauv

    Whipsaw 2020

    Created an account to post in here. Whipsaw 2020 here i come.