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  1. Xlauv

    The Daily Wins Thread

    Not trying to one up, but since last wednesday i did about 120km at the festival with my best day being 36km on sunday lol
  2. Xlauv

    Video Thread 2019

    get to see nero live in a couple weeks, so fucking stoked
  3. Xlauv

    WoW: Classic

    still thinking about it, but i prefer the horde side of things as that was what i played 90% of the time.
  4. Xlauv

    WoW: Classic

    i've thought about it but just literally do not have the time these days to sink effectively into an MMO so i shall sit here and reminisce fondly of ye old days.
  5. Xlauv

    This was a long time coming.

    holy fuck finally.
  6. Xlauv

    WhiteList ChargedBlivion

    i dunno guys, he seems kinda fishy.
  7. Xlauv

    The Daily Wins Thread

    i uh... took my SKS out shooting today for the first time in probably a year and half. was able to DING an 8in gong at about 60 yards 2 - 3 times out of 5 after 1 warmup stripper clip. using some of albanias finest surplus rounds xD
  8. Xlauv

    Logitech brings back the MX518!

    i love my g500s and it is still going great but im glad these are coming back in case it dies xD
  9. Xlauv

    The Music Thread 2019

    i hope ya like headbangin, cause i like headbangin
  10. Xlauv


    frostpunk... and i even played like 30 minutes of skyrim!
  11. Xlauv

    Do you even exercise?

    Switched up my workout again. Changing to the stronglifts 5x5 routine/app since it frees up some "life" time for me and will focus more on just raw strength which i want.
  12. Xlauv


    looks like a cross between minecraft and cubeworld. seems interesting but imma be honest with myself and say im probably not going to get it/play it 🤔