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  1. Thorbjörn

    Warhammer Fantasy - Skull Pass

    I'm the guy that had soo much warhammer (mostly thanks to my dad working for GW) and loved to file and glue them but fell very short in the painting department so all my armies had the minimum required three colours and I'd mostly just play in tournaments. Couldn't play against pops because he would absolutely decimate me every time and felt no remorse.
  2. Thorbjörn

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    I lost it here. Those might be the best notes I've ever seen, please continue to take dope notes. I do not note take and probably should but, I don't think Thorbjörn is that good at writing. And Zeriador, Lupich tells me you've never even played D&D before so I thought I should tell you that you are doing a fantastic job DM'ing I never would have known. Please keep it up and thank you for playing the game to the parties favour and not being a vicious dictator DM who like to see us squirm, I appreciate you going easy on us for the early levels. Also, I must say that I am soo happy I managed to befriend Fenris (Fenrir, same thing). I also want to add that I forgot to add lvl 1 spells when we levelled up and I had just added cantrips so I decided to take "Speak with Animals" (along with Thunderwave, how could I not?) now that I have a fellow animal to speak with! So once we are out of this crypt and relatively safe I am definitely asking him wtf he was doing in a dumb waiter, haha! I'm really enjoying playing with you all, thanks again!
  3. Thorbjörn

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    So because it's not a players handbook language it becomes an in game learnable skill instead of a choose at the start language, I can dig that. Lupich told me I should choose sign language as my second but I couldn't think of a good enough reason for why a bear would ever want to or be able to learn it. But if it can be done in his human form then that changes things.. I'll probably need more than the crappy 20 gold I rolled.
  4. Thorbjörn

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    Are we meeting up tonight for a session 0? I'd love to properly make my character and get to chat with you all. What's the plan?
  5. Thorbjörn

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    Zeri, do you want us to write out our own character sheet on paper or is there a way to do it in roll20? And how do you like to have us roll stats? I usually use the 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8 scores, but if you want us rolling for them that's cool too.
  6. Thorbjörn

    DnD 5E Thread

    I'd be soooooooo Happy with any of these being true at any point of the game.
  7. Thorbjörn

    Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd

    Looks like it's THIS Thursday. But seriously, wow, Zeriador, this is an amazing post. I'm fine with everything. I like a party driven story type quest, lots of killing and adventuring but not necessarily murder hobo style. Racial stuff doesn't offend me. Nor does sexual content, whatever is in there is fine with me. As for character's, I'll make a few but the one I want to play most has an unusual background. I was wondering how magical this world is? I was hoping that my character could be Thor, God of Thunder's actual pet hunting bear, accidentally sent to this realm through a portal found tagging along on one of the thick headed gods quests. Made into a human by some unusual magic but occasionally my true form is unleashed in moments of great need.
  8. Thorbjörn

    DnD 5E Thread

    I'm going to set it all up tomorrow when my wife and the baby are at a baby shower. I'll add you and hopefully set up a character sheet for Thorbjörn.
  9. Thorbjörn

    Xbox One?

    Get a switch and Smash me daddy!
  10. Thorbjörn

    Regular Gaming Night?

    If it starts at 8pm EST then any day of the week works for me. I am willing to be very flexible to make this work, I haven't played in almost two years and that just will not do.
  11. Thorbjörn

    DnD 5E Thread

    If I'm not the third then count me in for Thursday's too! It is Thor's day after all! And I'm ok with a one off to test things out as I'm unfamiliar with both Roll20 and discord.
  12. Thorbjörn

    DnD 5E Thread

    Fine by me, I've never played any of the official modules, all my previous DM's and myself had boners for homebrewed stuff.. Probably would be good to see what a campaign is supposed to be like haha! I'm EST so 3 hours ahead of PST however, this works perfect for me as when you start at 17:00 that's 20:00 for me which happens to be my sons bedtime. My wife will take him and put him down, conveniently freeing me of fatherly duties. 3 hour sessions means I'd still be going to bed when I usually do at 23:00 so It's actually perfect. And those hours any day of the week are open for me so whatever day it turns out to be will work. I've never used Roll20 but am willing to register for a free account to start. As for discord and mumble, I have barely used either, typically being a console gamer, does anybody have suggestions for which to use? Or do we all have to use the same? At the end of the day I'll do whatever it takes to play. I'm also absolutely OK with being recorded. And finally, are you fine with my character suggestion further up? Or would you prefer I keep it a little more simple? I'm willing to eschew the druid shit and just wear a bear pelt or something lol.
  13. Thorbjörn

    DnD 5E Thread

    GarbagePatrol, would you be apposed to this character? Thorbjörn the Barbearian Bearzerker. A multi class druid for bear shape and barbarian for path of the berzerker. I'd need to get him to 4th level druid for the ability to shapeshift into a bear but he'd focus more on Barbarian as his main and starting class. Thorbjörn means Thor's Bear, so a back story would likely utilize that etymology.
  14. Thorbjörn

    A BinaryChaos DND Game

    Ahh, I generally prefer an adventure, with lots of combat and treasure and daring-do. But I'd honestly be fine with anything. Because I'm ahead in hours, non-work nights work best for me, so Friday and Saturday. Sunday at a pinch.
  15. Thorbjörn

    DnD 5E Thread

    I'll come up with a few then, classes I haven't been before, to fill in gaps.