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    Server Direction

    I'm late to this topic and I've only been on the sever for like 3 days but... I prefer the server to have different factions with different ideologies so there is at least a little political tension. Sorry about the horrible English...
  2. luke_a_nator

    Whitelist request

    Minecraft Username: luke_a_nator Your Age: 16 How did you find us: I found this website through a comment on Reddit. I've been looking into a few political servers and this one seemed pretty cool. Your Timezone: Central European Summer Time (GMT+2) Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I enjoy building and exploring but am really interested in the political side of the server.
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    How to make money and win friends at DND

    I've been giving my players this reference sheet. It's really helpful if you're new to D&D. The German is in meters. English German There's also this YouTube channel I watch called Davvy Chappy. He makes really good D&D content (Spells and Monster lore). Runesmith also makes content on monsters.