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  1. 3546546547

    Server Direction

    Not that I have that much of a presence anyways... But if that's the way she goes I think I'll have to turn away. Politics and what comes of it were what drew me to this server. And personally I just don't like generic survival with others, just feels weird. (Basically boiling down to, the work feels more rewarding when it's me alone who does it.) So, all in all, the community decides what they do. But if war, politics, nations, and all the like become something seen within the same group as "Minecraft Roleplay" that is to say, generally looked down upon. I'll have to make my leave more permanent. Still, all the more power to you guys if you decide to go that route.
  2. 3546546547

    World Lore

    I still say that the name for the spawn towns should be either Stadt starten, or Laichdorf. (Both variations of start/spawn town.) But Grenton is such a Chad of a name I'd have to agree with that as well.
  3. I understand the concern about emeralds not being useful but as it is it appears that they may become a currency not just to trade with villagers. But a means to trade between players as well. The world's resources are finite, and no matter what we do. Unless more resources are just spawned into the world, or the borders are extended. Trading resource for resource will cause hyper de-inflation OF that resource as it becomes more and more scarce. This makes emeralds (As lupich pointed out in one of my earlier posts) one of the most stable means of inter-player currency available. As they're not only useful for trading with villagers, but they exist underground in limited quantities (Less so than diamonds.) And require renewable resources to obtain. Meaning no matter what, unlike in a bartering based economy where eventually nothing will be worth enough anymore. Emeralds will still hold a large enough value to be worth trading something for, or away. Just my reasoning behind the decision, but a recurring tax may also help alleviate the issues of just forty five diamonds blunt payment. All in all, your ideas were pretty good, and I'd like to see them acknowledged generally as the national conduct. Just a quick irrelevant question, would non-delegates be able to sit in, on the delegate meetings?
  4. Diamonds are INCREDIBLY useful, might I suggest Emeralds, or something useful to the nation instead? Particularly late game when everyone has mined out the map's borders and Diamonds are incredibly sparse. So new nations can be created as more and more are either conquered or destroyed. (Also to encourage the actual formation of the nations as, with Garbagepatrol said 45 diamonds is quite a bit. And might discourage any national development.)
  5. 3546546547

    International Standards

    Just a few thoughts I'd like to put forward - Iron, Redstone, etc. are all VERY finite. Once it's all gone that's it. Personally to semi combat over-reliance on using materials for trading I'll be instating a paper currency, Something I encourage despite it's pretty obvious drawbacks. - There should be a formal way to catalog nations, as well as when they've been destroyed (Otherwise known as when all the players comprising it have left) and possibly a way to catalog wars? - Although kind of unnecessary I feel like a sort of national congress where every nation who has achieved a certain milestone (Total player count, Been recognised by a certain number of nations) can come together in a meeting to air grievances and sort of vote on general rules on nationhood Once again these are just some things I find interesting, Any and all comments completely destroying my points is welcome.
  6. Minecraft Username: 3546546547 Your Age: Above twenty How did you find us: Trowling the internet for a server, much like this one was described Your Timezone: I tune my clocks to GMT-4 Brief Summary of your Playstyle: Heavily RP and nation building focused, with some building added in when I feel like not doing that.
  7. 3546546547

    Spawn town plans?

    Minecraft "Windows 10" I believe is the only version with cross platform play. That being said I'm really interested in the phrase "Once we get that level of technology" Would it be possible to elaborate on that?
  8. 3546546547

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Jesus that seems really REALLY ambitious Hopefully it doesn't end up like most other games attempting this scale. A hollow empty pay to win grind fest where the players don't engage in normal chat much less any RP which this game appears to want to be a core feature of the game.
  9. 3546546547

    Introductions Thread

    They all are, and pretty good ones at that. Betrayal is a rogue like mystery game. think scoobert doo but with more cosmic horror. Three-Six people explore a mansion uncovering it's secrets until the Haunt begins At which point one or more players is designated as the traitor and both teams, Traitor and Survivors must accomplish a goal before the other. Secret Hitler is a doozy, essentially werewolf or mafia but heaps more entertaining. The stage is set in the Wiemar Republic, the interphase government between the German Empire, and the Third Reich. Where two teams, Liberals and Fascists are vying for control over the country by passing two kinds of laws. Liberal or Fascist, if too many of either side's are passed that side wins. Alternatively Liberals win by killing Hitler and Fascists can win by electing Hitler chancellor after three fascist laws have been enacted. (Which is a whole concept in of itself where at what point I'd have explained how to play) Diplomacy is the ex-crown jewel of my collection and is a war game set in 1900's Europe having players take on the reigns as one of the seven major nations of the time the game itself is based on Diplomacy and being able to know when to lie, cheat, and bully the other players or when you should attempt a more peaceful non-aggressive route. however at one point in the game any nation who wants to win will have to go it alone, as victory means controlling nearly half of all of Europe. As to where I found this server, Reddit while searching for the aforementioned server type mentioned above. I heard that there was a war with Artillery involved and I was immediately taken to finding out more.
  10. 3546546547

    Introductions Thread

    Greetings, i'm (Redacted) currently living in (Redacted) and doing (Redacted) for a living My search for a Diplomatic RP brought me here Other than that, I'm just someone into 2hu and Games, particularly Board games. I'll usually be found running sessions of Diplomacy, Betrayal the the House on the Hill, and, Secret Hitler most often