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    World of Warcraft Classic

    Nice pics bud!
  2. dougler

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Have already reserved my name and bank alt's name on whitemane. gtg bois
  3. dougler

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Might be a good idea. Seems to be some interest in it so might as well.
  4. dougler

    World of Warcraft Classic

    I'm going to pick up herb and skinning at first. At 40 (after mount) going to drop skinning and pick up alch. Skinning is just to make some extra money but if anyone was going full leather working i'd be willing to give skins. Also will need cloth for first aid (must have with war) but anything above what will level my first aid I will send over jeese's way. 😉 Aside from that it will be very slow going at launch. Will check it out but if it's too over populated then might wait a week or so before getting in to it. Not looking to win any races here lmao.
  5. dougler

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Boys are back in tooowwwnn
  6. dougler

    World of Warcraft Classic

    I've been looking in to it quite a bit and I'm going to check it out for sure. Going to roll a warrior to make things interesting. Would love to do a healer/war combo with someone else. Makes 5 mans super easy to fill and lessens downtime for both parties when leveling. Not sure how much time I can put in to it but that does not matter much when leveling. When it comes to end game raiding it's going to require more time but i'm of the mind to enjoy the ride rather than rush to end game. Will always be willing to tank to help out a guild member so whomever decides to play has my axe. As far as alliance vs. horde, I do prefer alliance over horde simply because it will hit the most nostalgia points for me. Also, I've played through the horde side to 60 and not a big fan of the city layouts, NPC sound bites, and landscape in general. I could go horde if we had a lot of interest here and the over all preference was to go horde. Rather have fun with friends than get all starry eyed when i roll in to Stormwind.
  7. dougler

    Introductions Thread

    Ohhh fuck yeah bud! 35 year old data analyst lfm. Big on camping, fishing, 4x4ing, wrenchin on anything that moves, RPGs and simulators is where it's at. I'm pretty much noob at all the above except data analytics but I play like i know how. *Throws jelly donut at wall*
  8. dougler

    Learning SQL for fun & profit.

    What I want to know is how do profit? I'd love to do some side work for a project working with SQL.
  9. dougler

    Learning SQL for fun & profit.

    Simple Query Language... name says it all. Basically you write a script that queries a database to get a spreadsheet like result. Using this you can do all sorts of things like use php to input search criteria in to a query and output what you are looking for all in a http type format. Can use reporting platforms to make the data more visible for clarification in to what's going on in your business, website, or really anything where you would have a mass amount data stored. It's being utilized more and more by medium to large sized businesses to create metrics and targets. Super handy if you have stakeholders and you want to give them some insight into how your business is doing besides just handing them a spreadsheet with some numbers. I work with it on the daily and have found a passion in it so if anyone has any questions along the way to learning let me know and I'll Google it for ya. 😉
  10. dougler

    Fixing Zeri's vehicles.

    You can also pick up a new handle that will last longer on amazon. Most are prime as well so get em fast. Save you time and effort going through trucks at a wreckers. It's a really weak part and probably have a rough time finding one that's not broken or just about to break. For the $10 for a new one its worth it.
  11. dougler

    Regular Gaming Night?

    Mondays or Fridays would work best. I prefer Friday so I can stay up late.
  12. I'd be down for a 7 Days server. Not sure how that would work to leave it up all the time but the game has had some major updates I want to check out.