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    The Daily Wins Thread

    This is a thread to pat yourself on the back for small accomplishments you've had today, or recently - Doesn't have to be exact. Whether you've been procrastinating on a project you planned long ago, cleaned your place after a weekend bender, or just achieved something you're proud of you can post it here. I'll go first... This past weekend I finally cleaned my underground storage unit in my apartment, I had literally 6-7 years of procrastination and bullshit piled up in there. Everything from used engine oil, old tires, old computer hardware, old furniture used as impromptu shelving. Took all that shit to the dump, got some wire rack shelving and re organized that entire bastard with Rubbermaid containers probably increased the usable storage space in there by 400% at least. Hells yes.
  2. Lupich

    The Daily Wins Thread

    Summer cometh quickly. I needed new shorts. Went to the store and they had 3 near identical pairs of my favourite brand/type of shorts in 3 different colors in my size. Boom, clothes shopping done for the next decade.
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    The Music Thread 2019

    Can't believe nobody else jumped on this, lets start 2019 off right!
  4. Lupich

    Sea of Thieves

    Holy shit boys!!! Look at all the new content! WOOOOOO!
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    March Political Debate Topic

  6. Lupich

    Movie Discussion Thread

    It turns out that I am actually a huge movie nerd, as someone once pointed out to me. I have watched all of the Marvel and DC stuff and I consider it garbage which I only watched to waste some time. I'm not sure I can give huge reviews like yours but I'll add some notable movies I've seen lately and a brief summary of... stuff. Annihilation https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2798920/ This movie is quite insane. Pretty spooky. I watched it 3 times in 3 days because there was a lot to pick up on. The plot summary is " A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply." but that might be the worst summary ever written. Also it won scariest scene of the year when... the thing happened with the words and stuff. Transcendence https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2209764/ Another sci-fi but this one faces existential themes. A scientist who is dying rapidly of disease and his wife race to transfer his consciousness to a computer and the implications of having more computing power in a "human" brain and what being human means, etc, etc. Fascinating movie and not many people I know have seen it.
  7. Lupich

    The Music Thread 2019

    This one reminds me of really old-school electronic stuff, I love it.
  8. Lupich

    Secure, Contain, Protect

  9. Lupich

    Camping Gear (For Cosverse)

    Making this thread for Cosverse, because I said I would. Here's a list of camping gear composed mainly of stuff that I own or want to own - Not everything on the list is a need, in fact very little is needed but this stuff sure makes it easier/comfortable. One thing to note is that while I know better gear exists I tend to sway towards more affordable but still good quality stuff. Everything I post here I've owned and tested or have researched extensively though I am open to critique or alternatives as there is no one-size fits all. Maybe if I have time later I'll break this down more into sections like "Essentials" and "Comfort Items" or something. Also worth noting that I do not have a tent that I recommend simply because I sleep in the back of my truck like a champ. (But I do have a hammock.) Anyways... In no particular order... Life Straw. Good quality sleeping bag. I have this one and I love it. Camping Hammock /w Bug Tent. Or you could get something like this. Candle Lantern. Morakniv or other comparable knife. Stowaway Pot Some sort of backpack. I own this one and this one. A good quality cooler. A first aid kit and knowing how to use it. At the very least get these. A good chair or seat. I splurged on mine. Something to cook with. I love my recent purchase of a dutch oven but you gotta take care of it and learn how to cook with it. incomplete post - to be continued
  10. Lupich

    Funny D&D Videos

    Been watching a lot of background noise videos while I paint minis, but also I find these videos filling little gaps of time when I'm waiting for something and they're pretty entertaining. I like this Puffin Forest guy. I've seen a bunch of other worthwhile channels in the recommended bar too but do you guys have any specific favorite channels of videos relating to D&D stories?
  11. So while I was cleaning my storage unit out a few weeks ago I stumbled across a big collection of Warhammer Fantasy stuff I had sort of forgotten about. And now I'm thinking about maybe finally finishing painting my army. Originally I wanted to get a "starter set" of some sort, and I also wanted to play Dwarf. Luckily for me Battle for Skull Pass exists(ed?) and it came with a starting guide and two armies being the Dwarves and the Orcs and Goblins. I have two sets. I don't have any friends that play it currently so I figured I may as well have two large complete armies to play against each other. As time went on I gathered a few unique figures and other stuff but I forgot about it at some point and it was collecting dust until now. I remember how therapeutic (and expensive) it was to build and paint these guys so... Money and time permitting I think I'mma do it. Here are some pics from a looong, loooooooong time ago of my "in progress" army painting, along with my paint booth. I hope I can improve my skills since then. Anyone else interested in this stuff?
  12. Lupich

    Warhammer Fantasy - Skull Pass

    Not battle for Skull Pass, but same armies/concept. Cool to see it in action.
  13. Lupich

    Bolt Action

    I've only recently discovered this one, apparently its the successor to Flames of War and a lot better in many ways. It's called Bolt Action. Website here: https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/bolt-action Never really considered wargaming or tabletop outside of Warhammer or games workshop but obviously there is tons of stuff out there. As per my strategy with this stuff since I don't know anyone else that wants to buy, assemble, and play this shit I want to get starter sets so its more of a "Board Game" aka I have everything needed. That being said this starter set looks pretty reasonable: https://us-store.warlordgames.com/collections/bolt-action-starter-sets/products/bolt-action-2-starter-set-band-of-brothers I think painting army guys would be relatively easy as far as the color scheme goes. Prime, base coat, highlight, and a dark wash. I also have an obvious interest in the Polish army. And one big advantage this game has over Flames of War is if you want to get creative there is Konflikt 47 and Weird War that add future tech, and alternate steampunk sort of stuff to spice things up if you're not going for realism.
  14. Lupich

    Bolt Action

    I know that Zeri and Dougler both like how this game looks so here is one of the LP's I shared with them.
  15. Lupich

    random pics (not memes) thread

    This thread is the best one on this forum. Prove me wrong.
  16. As someone that still owns their MX510 and MX518 from over 15 years ago, this makes me so happy. I literally still use my original MX518 to this day, its the first "gaming" mouse I ever purchased. I got it from the discount table at Staples in my hometown for $30. It's honestly my favourite mouse and now that Logitech is bringing it back I'm probably going to buy enough of them that it'll be the same mouse I use 'til I die. https://www.logitechg.com/en-ca/products/gaming-mice/mx518-gaming-mouse.html Honestly, they are the pinnacle of computer mice. Call me a nerd but I'm super fucking excited and highly recommend that everyone buys one for themselves if possible - I promise you won't regret it.
  17. Lupich

    Regular Gaming Night?

    Since the site is back up and we have some semblance of order, I'm thinking of bringing back a regular gaming night. Vote in the poll nerds!
  18. First pic is when I bought it. Picked this thing up for like $1400 and have had a ton of fun with it so far. Since Dougler now has a garage and no project of his own he let me take it over to do some "upgrades" over the winter. It's a 1998 Kawasaki Bayou 300 with God knows how many hours/km on it. It's definitely seen some shit. I originally picked it up off some farmer who only used it on his property and I (stupidly) took his word when he gave me the paperwork and surprise, surprise! When I went to register it the papers weren't proper and he himself never had the proper papers. Luckily he had a handwritten receipt from the guy he bought it from approximately 8 years ago and it had the name of a farm on it. I looked up the Farm and saw that they had a Facebook page and you could make inquiries, I got in contact, drove out and got'em to sign the paperwork much to his surprise. He said he had sold it so long ago he had forgotten about ever owning it. The other coincidence is that where I went to buy the ATV originally was about 100KM away from where I live. The guy I found on the farm was only 15KM away so getting the paperwork done luckily worked out! The ATV itself ran pretty well for a 300cc from 20 years ago. It was loud, it drank a bit of oil, but it worked for the most part. Being an idiot one day while riding I gorilla stomped the pedal to try and change gears and snapped the lever off completely. Luckily I stomped it from reverse to first gear so I could get back to camp. So since picking it up I've replaced the gear lever, the headlights have been replaced with awesome LED's, I took the crusty old winch off for now until I figure out what I want to do with it. Dougler and I have torn it apart in his garage and taken off/redone a lot of the electrical work on it, we added a reverse LED flood light and ran a lot of switches up front. Tore the rear drum brake apart as the brake shoes were beyond toast. The brake drum itself had some wear but after a lot of elbow grease, beer, and chiseling we managed to clean the drum and new shoes were all it needed. Did some rough "painting" with anti rust and brushed off surface rust with a wire wheel. It's pretty much back together right now and you could take it for a spin but I have some new exciting parts coming...
  19. Lupich

    Spawn town plans?

    I'm more eager for 1.14 than I thought, it's been so long since I've played I'm getting nostalgic for Minecraft... I like the concept of something more natural that you drop into, with a short pathway or travel through a cave or whatever that'll eventually lead to a community built spawn area. For one - I think if new players drop into some grandiose structure we've built in a handful of days they won't believe that we did it without cheating. I also like the idea of a naturally expanding spawn area where everyone can contribute. Here are some random things I'd like to see or will likely be working on when I find myself playing: Some sort of rail depot to facilitate a future rail system once we get to that level of "technology" in the game without it being a waste of resources. Always nice to plan ahead so its not some awkward shoehorned in system. We got the usual stuff like a Town Hall, Blacksmith, Warehouse, Farm, Armory, Alchemist, Nether Portal "structure" thinger, and a well. I'd like to see the use of roads and paths a lot more, I'll be building gravel pathways to my builds. Please stockpile it early on and don't throw it away! Lets plan some stuff regarding the spawn area? Any thoughts or ideas?
  20. Lupich

    Zeri builds ze Bismarck

    Dang those are some broad, flat, and mechanical surfaces. That would be tricky to paint by hand! Betcha wish you had an airbrush.
  21. Lupich

    Spawn town plans?

    I'm just gonna add (more) traps to it once in a while.
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    Zeri told me about this one, looks pretty awesome. Like what Minecraft could/should have been long ago, or at least by now. Looks like an actual possible Minecraft killer. Make sure you sign up for the closed beta, maybe a few of us can get in together. It's pretty awesome how much customization and stand-alone server stuff they will be supplying as well. If its as good as it looks I'm 100% going to setup a dedicated server! (I've already been thinking about setting up a forum, but there isn't much to discuss about it yet.) https://hytale.com/