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  1. Lupich

    Bongo Cats

    I don't care if you don't got'em, post'em.
  2. Lupich

    Lindsey Graham chews some serious ass.

    Jeese loves him some 'murican politics.
  3. Lupich

    Minecraft Server

    I should be getting a server rolling here pretty quick, just haven't got around to some of the logistics of launching it properly though.
  4. Lupich

    New Federal Party in Canada

    https://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca/ After Bernier got burned by the CPC leadership races I can't say I'm surprised but I'm a little disappointed with him splitting the vote this close to the federal elections. He almost tied with Scheer at 49/51% but was treated like dogshit by his own party, CPC's only hope to take the upcoming election (I think) is to extend an olive branch to the newly created "People's Party of Canada" - Which is a true "classic liberal" political party which definitely skews 2018's definitions of liberal. I'm honestly not sure who I'll vote for in the upcoming federal elections. I was going to vote Conservative all the way for many, many reasons most of which are in my interests however Scheer has done very little to sway me. In fact their firearm policy that was listed during CPC voting was rescinded and no longer appears on their party page. Bernier has a strong advantage in that he has the East Coast connections and a bit of sway in Quebec which is more important than it seems even if they are croissant munchers. His platform also has strong outreach into rural regions, as well as sport shooters, hunters, and outdoorsmen which are a strong political advantage (just look at the NRA in the US) - It will be an interesting election year for sure but ultimately I am worried we may have another 4 years of Liberal leadership in Canada.
  5. Lupich

    Site Updates

    Not really any big updates, still not 100% sure what I'll be doing with this site in the long run. Will be making sporadic, random, and sometimes temporary changes to the site on a whim. Things may look funny or be broken while I do this - Not that anyone really uses the site anyways, sorry for any inconveniences to your shitposting.
  6. Lupich

    Regular night gaming?

    Since the site is back up and we have some semblance of order, I'm thinking of bringing back a regular gaming night. Vote in the poll nerds!
  7. Lupich

    The Video Thread 2018

    Why dis no embed. Also these things sound like nightmares.
  8. Lupich

    Secure, Contain, Protect

  9. Many (none) of you may be wondering why I created this section of the forum. It's pretty simple, I listen to a lot of Joe Rogan Experience and statistically its a podcast that many people have in common. There are a lot of interesting guests from all walks of life, some more controversial than others but overall in the 1000+ podcasts the guy has done there is something for everyone and lots to discuss. This leads to the rules/purpose: 1. All new thread titles must be formatted as such (using a recent podcast as an example) simply with the episode number and guest(s) name: #1159 - Neil deGrasse Tyson 2. First paragraph(s) of post must be the quoted and copy pasted YouTube description of the podcast. i.e. 3. Post/embed the podcast. After that discussion is open, not many rules aside from keeping it safe-for-work. Think about it, Chimps don't even understand kettlebells so we have never even seen a fully optimized chimp, imagine if they understood weightlifting and took Alpha Brain. God save us all.
  10. Lupich

    Minecraft Server

    Holy fuck have you read Max Battlecows "Art of Deel" ??? Might have to LET. YOU. IN.
  11. Lupich

    Uh oh!

    It wasn't on purpose but I kind of found it hilarious so I never tried fixing it.