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  1. Lupich

    Do you even exercise?

    First day today in 4 months, didn't push it but still felt pretty damned good. Was really easy to get back into it. Now to see if I can keep up the habit/addiction.
  2. Lupich

    Secure, Contain, Protect

    Been loving this Volgun guy's channel lately, detailed SCP audiobooks basically. So many to choose from!
  3. Lupich


    I figured with all the D&D talk lately I'd bring up one of my fav "recent" shows that is relatively unheard of as it was exclusive to some obscure online streaming network called "SeeSo" or something like that. Anyways. HarmonQuest! It's D&D played in front of a live studio with Dan Harmon, some of his friends, and each episode has a new nerd-ish celebrity guest. It's hella entertaining. I'm not sure where you can watch it legitimately so you'll probably have to find it on a less savory source.
  4. Lupich

    Temporary 19w03c Server

    For those interested there is a temporary Minecraft 19w03c snapshot server online while we wait for the official 1.14 release. Since the server is temporary and will be wiped fresh in the future there is no whitelist or rules for now. Feel free to unleash complete anarchy and help stress test the server. Currently the player limit is set to 24 but I'm hoping it could be bumped to 32. Server IP address is, default port and no password. Hope to see some of you in there!
  5. Lupich

    Desktop Wallpapers

    Share'em! I just formatted my PC and had to find some new ones. You might notice a common theme in this batch.
  6. Lupich

    Regular Gaming Night?

    Hmm this could work. I've actually had something come up that might require me for Thursdays but that could be finangled to make DND work if we agree on it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Tuesdays work best for me if we had to move it.
  7. Lupich

    Image Attachments are a Thing!

    Testing, testing... squishy_seal.mp4
  8. Lupich

    Spawn town plans?

    Ahh for that I meant like once we have our other affairs in order and I'm not wasting iron and gold and redstone on the non-early game stuff but I do want to plan something so that once we have a good stockpile of materials we can just drop stuff in and get started.
  9. Lupich

    Spawn town plans?

    Hmmm I'd have to look into that. Not sure if its just the "Windows 10 Edition" it works with or Java, we're running Minecraft Java which is technically a different version. It's all very confusing. I'll find out.
  10. Lupich

    Spawn town plans?

    I'm more eager for 1.14 than I thought, it's been so long since I've played I'm getting nostalgic for Minecraft... I like the concept of something more natural that you drop into, with a short pathway or travel through a cave or whatever that'll eventually lead to a community built spawn area. For one - I think if new players drop into some grandiose structure we've built in a handful of days they won't believe that we did it without cheating. I also like the idea of a naturally expanding spawn area where everyone can contribute. Here are some random things I'd like to see or will likely be working on when I find myself playing: Some sort of rail depot to facilitate a future rail system once we get to that level of "technology" in the game without it being a waste of resources. Always nice to plan ahead so its not some awkward shoehorned in system. We got the usual stuff like a Town Hall, Blacksmith, Warehouse, Farm, Armory, Alchemist, Nether Portal "structure" thinger, and a well. I'd like to see the use of roads and paths a lot more, I'll be building gravel pathways to my builds. Please stockpile it early on and don't throw it away! Lets plan some stuff regarding the spawn area? Any thoughts or ideas?
  11. Lupich

    Do you even exercise?

    That's the spirit bud. I was stubborn at the start, it took me too long to try exercising but I ended up loving it. I kept telling myself that bike rides and push ups were enough but now I know better. What kind of exercise are you doing with this guy? Weights? EDIT: Dropping my old 5 day/week 2 week split in here because I need to grab it later when I'm home. Lols.
  12. Lupich

    Best Office or "xtreme gamerz" Chair?

    Yeah normally I'd be happy with a $60 special, but I think I can make my workplace benefits pay for an ergo chair.
  13. I've had my current desk chair since I was like 15 years old and its about time I get me a new one. Looking at a $500 maximum limit but would prefer to spend less than that (obviously) and am looking for the best chair overall. I do like the DX Racer and other "Gaming" chairs a lot but there are so many brands out there now. Was lookin' at this bad boy since its on sale right now: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/vertagear-vertagear-s-line-faux-leather-gaming-chair-black-vg-sl5000bk/10515572.aspx?