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    Whitelist SnoToxic

    Added! Welcome
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    World Lore

    I'm thinking it's about that time that we sit down and seriously visit some server lore and world-building stuff that can help people get into RP, and nation building a bit more. We already have a few staples such as the deity known as Palma, Hoops the spider, etc. but there are two major things I would like to "standardize" so to speak so I can write some more immersive stories and such. We need an official name for the entire world/realm that we live in. Spawn town/settlement/territory needs it's own name as well. I think when these two things are set we can immerse ourselves easier as well as set the theme for new players. But don't feel that this thread is limited to these two things! If you and your friends have any inside jokes/lore surrounding your Minecraft builds, settlements, etc then please add-on! You can keep things as mysterious or as detailed as you would like. Anyways, regarding my two points above the cool thing is that a name of spawn could also be a name for a realm so just throw out all your cool sounding names! Here are some ones I quickly thought of that have zero significance. Novus (or Novawood, like in our previous servers.) Initium ("Start" in Latin) Libertas ("Freedom" in Latin) Singula ("Individual" in Latin) Civitas ("Community" in Latin) Grockwel (I think it sounds silly and I like it.) Silva ("Forest" in Latin) Or we could be lazy as fuck and use this... https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/fantasy-town-names.php
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    World Lore

    I'm gonna make the executive decision, Realmstad it is!
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    The Music Thread 2019

    Can't believe nobody else jumped on this, lets start 2019 off right!
  5. Added now to the the website you will find a link to the "Clubs" - This will mainly be relevant to the Minecraft players of the site and probably not anyone else. Clubs are basically the equivalent of Facebook "Groups" but for BinaryChaos specifically. They will be moderated and approved as they are created so not just anybody can start one. They will be a big part of organizing nations/kingdoms/whatevers in Minecraft going forward as they can contain sub-forums where members can privately, or publicly discuss things without spamming the main forums and keep things tidy - And best of all their creator is the admin of the club so they can curate the group entirely. Essentially going forward you can create a main "megathread" for your nation/company/whatever in the main Minecraft forum that links to your group, a thread you can contribute to or bump whenever there is a major happening. Otherwise planning and day-to-day stuff can be kept amongst your own nation/company/whatever in your club forum. I hope all that makes sense. Questions, comments?
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    Video Thread 2019

    I have one response to that.
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    World Lore

    Another suggestion from Carolus was "Realmstad" which has a nice ring to it I think.
  8. I don't intend to make a thread for every pre and/or release of Minecraft but I think this one addresses some issues we've all been complaining about!
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    gamer moment

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    Whitelist request for isry7123

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    Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-Release 1

    Another pre is out, they are reverting the enchant system to pre 1.14. Neat or OP? You decide! Also I'm going camping for the weekend don't destroy the server pls.
  12. So this has been on my mind for a little while and I was hoping it didn't have to come up but with the amount of enthusiastic engineers on the server something needs to be done about massive technical builds that push the server to it's limits. As we know Mojang and Minecraft don't have the best rep for optimization and running on Java doesn't seem to help their case - Though I have been paying to upgrade the server from mostly my own pocket I feel like I must draw a line. No matter how powerful the server hardware is, because of the nature of the game there is inevitably some way to stress the server and crash it. I don't want to, and don't intend to, and realistically can't even ban grinder's and technical builds that people create. I love the builds and the effort put into them and I'd be a hypocrite because I've definitely used a lot of them. I'm not talking your run of the mill skeleton grinder or anything like that but more-so the builds that in a way... exploit the mechanics of the game. These builds tend to push the server to its limit. I know of approximately 5 of these machines existing in the current world. I'm not sure what the answer is - rogue decommissioning and sabotage? Maybe we must make access and location and owner of all builds known/public so they can be held accountable/asked to stop using during busy server times. My current line of thought if this continues to be an issue is to maybe enable a 30 minute AFK auto-kick. Thoughts?
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    Server "Tech Build" Laws?

    Hmmm, I take issues with donations providing any sort of benefit for players on the server as I try to be as fair and impartial as possible. Despite that as I stated, no matter how much money we dump on the server for hardware (realistically speaking) there can always be something built to tax the server - Plus I wouldn't want anyone to feel entitled to ruin the experience for everyone else with lag just because they give a few dollars to the server. It is a complex discussion but I believe it could be managed. So far we are courteous and when asked, people will stop their lag-a-thon, or maybe they are just nice to me because I'm the admin. Regardless something needs to be done, I think an AFK kick is the easy solution but I'm not a fan of it either.
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    Video Thread 2019

    This is particularly relevant to my small city lately so I found it interesting.
  15. Sorry I have been so absent in this, I have been extremely busy lately! I've made some big progress in what will help shape nations and the server going forward in the form of clubs. Follow that link to see why it's relevant. Basically anyone wanting to create a club will need to have it approved by me, so once they are set up they should be considered rather "serious" business. I think I stand by my original statement that I enjoy the thorough guidelines but believe they need to be trimmed down quite a bit in the name of player freedom. I take a very laid back approach to running the server and let players moderate themselves for the most part. I think to simplify we need a few key things: We need one single "name" or noun to describe our "groups" - Be it Kingdom, Club, Nation, or whatever else but I think we should agree on one for simplicity's sake. After all this is a fresh world and we form the rules and law and whatever else so set aside traditional thinking. Democracy or republics and companies don't yet exist here, we should find one word to encapsulate all groups. We need to build an interim court house within spawn city while we wait for the Hall of Nations build to happen. The intent is to setup some holding cells as well as an area to assemble with a jury when there is a dispute on the server. I don't want to be the only one making and being responsible for dispute settling decisions. (Though I won't let people run things out of control either.) In regards to Carlous' spawn nation thread - Respectfully I think this is just too complicated, especially for new players that just want to play on the server peacefully. We don't want a strata or homeowners association situation going on here or some biased council forming from whichever clique of players is most active that month. I think we should just keep our restrictions and guidelines to the broader issues discussed in this thread. I will remain the neutral warden of spawn for the time being. Finally and also the bottom line is we need more player engagement if any of this stuff is going to take off. I think we are growing slowly, but steadily and the server is doing very well but I don't think there is a rush to enforce this stuff yet. We can progress naturally through disputes and work around what is happening rather than what we think will happen. Beep beep I'm a jeep.
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    Sujet Du Débat Politique de Juin

    En fait, je ne suis pas un grand fan de sirop d'érable, mais j'en profite de temps en temps. Cela dépend de ce qui se passe et des autres options possibles.
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    Whitelist Gjorple

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    I didn't buy shares, how to get them?

    I cashed in today, money back. Great investment!
  19. You know what it be.
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    Whitelist request for YusaKennedy

    Added! Welcome.
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    whitelist for zoomziller