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    The Music Thread 2019

    Can't believe nobody else jumped on this, lets start 2019 off right!
  2. So the next major update to Minecraft has been dubbed "The Minecraft Village and Pillage Update" and it looks like it will be an absolutely awesome update to launch a fresh server on. Big updates to villager, adding unfriendly pillagers and apparently some dynamics between them. Crossbows, pandas, and other random stuff. Not sure what else is planned but apparently its going to be an "early 2019" release. Anyone else have any other info? EDIT: Actually also just found this, tons of features from the looks of it including previously scrapped ones! - https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.14
  3. Lupes

    April Political Debate Topic (Post Your Noods!)

    Do dumplings such as gnocchi count as noodels? I'm a big fan of Buccantini because the sauce goes IN the noods.
  4. Why do I need one of these now? Notable timestamp:
  5. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-1-14-pre-release-1 1.14 is coming sooon!
  6. Lupes

    Borderlands 3

    I created an Epic account before Fortnite came out, the launcher back then was very bare bones and a little confusing but there was literally only 3-4 games to play. Quake, Unreal, etc. but as soon as Fortnite gained popularity the attacks on my account started. My account got hacked literally every 3 days and I still receive notifications about it - Thankfully I never paid for anything through there. That's just my personal anecdotal experience. Also I like to minimize the amount of places I have to enter CC info.
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    Borderlands 3

    100% So many Epic store exclusives I've just abandoned hope for, even past the point of me wanting to pirate the games. Fuck'em and their greed.
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    Risk of Rain 2

    I've seen the first Risk of Rain on Steam a few times, it looked interesting but honestly I was tired of 2D rogue-likes because they were being pumped out at the time like Minecraft clones. However the concept always seemed cool. I have a special place in my heart for multi-player, co-op rogue-likes and especially when they revolve around gathering and stacking passive and active items and buffs. I think this video has pretty much sold me on the game. Looks like it would be very fun with friends.
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    ^ That last video was really awesome!
  10. Lupes

    The Hunter: Call of the Wild

    What was its score? Did you get it with rifle or bow?
  11. Making this thread for Cosverse, because I said I would. Here's a list of camping gear composed mainly of stuff that I own or want to own - Not everything on the list is a need, in fact very little is needed but this stuff sure makes it easier/comfortable. One thing to note is that while I know better gear exists I tend to sway towards more affordable but still good quality stuff. Everything I post here I've owned and tested or have researched extensively though I am open to critique or alternatives as there is no one-size fits all. Maybe if I have time later I'll break this down more into sections like "Essentials" and "Comfort Items" or something. Also worth noting that I do not have a tent that I recommend simply because I sleep in the back of my truck like a champ. (But I do have a hammock.) Anyways... In no particular order... Life Straw. Good quality sleeping bag. I have this one and I love it. Camping Hammock /w Bug Tent. Or you could get something like this. Candle Lantern. Not required but fun. Morakniv Companion or other comparable knife. They don't look like much but you wont find better for the price. Stowaway Pot - These are rad because I can keep a lighter, stove, fuel, and some salt/pep and other stuff inside the same pot I use to cook. Some sort of backpack. I own this one and this one. A good quality cooler. I got this one, wheels are almost a must-have. A first aid kit and knowing how to use it. At the very least get these. A MUST HAVE. Check YouTube out for how they work. A good chair or seat. I splurged on mine. I got a directors chair with fold out table but I also overland (aka truck out camping) Something to cook with. I love my recent purchase of a dutch oven but you gotta take care of it and learn how to cook with it. Headlamp. In my opinion its more important than a hand-held flashlight though those never hurt. Get anything at all. I've used fancy ones and I've used Dollarama headlamps just the same. Mostly finished now - 3/28/2019
  12. Lupes

    Camping Gear (For Cosverse)

    Oh lawd he comin'
  13. Lupes

    Arcana of the Ancients Kickstarter

    Nevermind I'm an idiot. You're right. 4 is the shitty one. Go on...
  14. Lupes

    Video Thread 2019

    This really is JRE listeners in a nutshell. (Of which I'm guilty also.)
  15. The official release of 1.14 is nearing if we are to believe anything that Mojang says. I would like to thank those who have been patiently waiting for the release and for the server floodgates to open. I think that if it's supposed to release in the first quarter of 2019 we don't have much longer to wait. This isn't to say that we haven't been busy! The forums have been active with a mix of new and old faces. Some classic threads have been revived and we now have over 30 members in our Discord channel - Remember to send your friends the invitation link from the sidebar so they don't miss out. Our regularly scheduled Thursday night D&D sessions have been a blast with members from coast to coast taking part. Our Curse of Strahd play-through is currently full but this trial run shows that there is definitely interest and we are already planning the next official BCF campaign for the far future. Depending on how many people are interested we may need to either create two groups (needing another DM) or having some sort of lottery system to get a spot reserved. Either way Binary Chaos is still a small-fry gaming website so I don't think we'll stress about it too much. Thanks for sticking around!
  16. Lupes

    Arcana of the Ancients Kickstarter

    That kind of thinking reminds of the Shannara series of books, I thoroughly enjoy that kind of setting. Curious though as D&D 3rd edition was heralded as one of the worst ones, and people are saying 5e is one of the best so I wonder what Cook's influence would look like in this game versus 5e. Do you have any examples of difference in design philosophy?
  17. Lupes

    Do you even exercise?

    Finally took my ass to the gym today, lets see if I can keep it up. Still kinda strong tho.
  18. Well they said Q1 of 2019. Few more days, boys? (and grills.)
  19. Lupes

    Regular Gaming Night?

    Since the site is back up and we have some semblance of order, I'm thinking of bringing back a regular gaming night. Vote in the poll nerds!
  20. Lupes

    Regular Gaming Night?

    Like Lazarus. What if we did a "every second ___" type of deal. I'm thinking every second Tuesday might be able to work for me. We could use the websites calendar feature to help streamline and plan nights/games.
  21. Lupes

    Camping Gear (For Cosverse)

    Bump. I've "completed" the post above for Cosverse's must-haves to tag along. I'll add a supplementary list for completions sake, stuff like a camp kitchen, cleaning, water storage, etc.