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  1. Lupes

    1.15 and 1.16 Updates

    This sums it all up better than I could..
  2. Lupes

    Server back online!

    D'oh, server went down for a couple of days. It is back online now.
  3. Lupes

    World of Warcraft Classic

    WoW Classic Dancing.mp4
  4. I was hitting some ridiculous numbers and hit the Quantum reset thinking there was some progression thing I was unlocked and I uhhh, haven't been at it since. Time to fire it up again!
  5. Lupes

    Fermentation Station

    Was inspired by the "It's Alive" series on YouTube to try both of these things, it's an awesome YouTube channel that is definitely worth your time if you enjoy food and cooking! Not to be a hipster but I remember watching the series before they had millions of views and both the garlic honey and the fermented hot sauce really stood out to me. In an effort to create an actually hot, hot sauce I decided to grow my own peppers on my balcony. I failed at balcony gardening every year except this one taking special care of my peppers! (Everything else... not so much.) I grew Habanero and Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers. This should be pretty damned spiced as the Jolokia's are just over 1 million on the scoville scale. Here they are growing... And here is the jarred up and fermenting stuff as of just now. As for the Garlic Honey, I used unpasteurized Canadian honey that is pretty reasonable quality and I paid the hell up for some local heirloom "Armstrong Garlic" that was $15 per pound! If I'm dead in 3-4 weeks its because of botulism. Someone take over the server if that happens.
  6. Lupes

    1.15 and 1.16 Updates

    I was hoping to keep it this time around - I know that chunk generation at worldborders has been smoothed out but still not perfect. In this case it seems like we'd just need to blast away the Nether world only. I was contemplating cutting back the existing world border to about 5x5KM as I don't think anyone has built anything major past that.
  7. Lupes

    Best Office or "xtreme gamerz" Chair?

    I actually ended up getting a DXRacer for a pretty sweet deal ($250 CAD) - Way more comfortable than my ancient chair. I have no use for the pillows that come with it though.
  8. Lupes

    1.15 and 1.16 Updates

    So 1.15 is adding bees and bug fixes. I'm super stoked for bees but that seems to be the extent of the major additions to the game as 1.16 is already being talked about... 1.16 appears to be focusing on the Nether, with new biomes! Long overdue in my opinion. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Java_Edition_1.16 Three new nether biomes, new hostile mobs, and a new generated structure to explore. Players will also be able to respawn in the Nether! Thoughts? Also, though we have plenty of time to plan - What will this mean for the Nether on our server? To my knowledge there are a handful of secret ice highways and some item stashes.
  9. There is currently a hold on further whitelist requests, they can be submitted but may not be dealt with until a later date as I am planning to do a purge of inactive users as well as other server maintenance. There has been a bit of a lull in server activity so I don't want to let new players in without anybody to moderate the server. If anyone is interested in helping run the Minecraft server and becoming a moderator please let me know, however you would need to be an active player on the server to be seriously considered. No cause for alarm, the Minecraft server is not going away or shutting down and will continue to be maintained.
  10. Lupes

    Best Office or "xtreme gamerz" Chair?

    Nevermind guys, I found my new chair. https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/04/acer-announces-a-14000-gaming-chair-because-why-not/
  11. Holy shit - It's actually happening! I thought this game was vaporware!!! It's launching on STEAM - And yes, those of us who managed to buy it when it was very, very briefly available will be getting Steam keys emailed to us! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128000/Cube_World/ This is awesome!
  12. John Carmack was recently on JRE and it was actually quite an amazing podcast, Joe really let John talk and John was really good at explaining everything he was trying to bring up! A lot of information on VR in general as well as some new stuff I've only learned from this podcast. Really good, I recommend it for any nerd! And bonus mention blast from the past is Joe's episode with (at the time) Cloud9 pro player n0thing, was also a good nerd ep.
  13. Lupes

    The world needs more Dave Chappelle.

    Did you watch his other ones too? Just as good!
  14. Lupes

    Server Direction

    Your English is great! I think that tension comes naturally and there is no need to force it but the server has been pretty dead lately thanks to the launch of WoW Classic. I think most of us will be addicted to that for a few months unfortunately.
  15. Lupes

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Just kidding! I mean, the queue exists but most of us playing in the PST time zone haven't had much difficulty getting in and binging when we've wanted to. If you queue up in the morning you can get in instantly and if you queue in after work it can take an hour or two but so can getting your shit together too, folding laundry, cleaning your room, and earning those good boy points. I rolled a human holy specPaladin and I am currently level 24. Dougler is a warrior/tank and level 25 I think, Jeese is Gnome mage, and Zeriador rolled a Gnome warlock.... Things are pretty awesome. Join us friends! The queues will most certainly die down or disappear within a few weeks and we can take over the server! (Just kidding about that last part, no time for that.) But end game raids sound pretty damned fun.