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    I am the proud owner of 5 shares. Gon' be rich. Call me Lupefeller.
  2. Lupes

    Vanilla Tweaks

    Hey all, As an FYI to things that have been happening with the server. After I upgrade to a hella awesome dedicated server I also added some resource packs to the server (which is built into vanilla minecraft) that are essentially small tweaks to vanilla gameplay. This was added for two reasons mainly, but I added some others because they seemed quite fair and balanced, they made sense. Anyways the main reasons: 1. Multiplayer Sleep Tweak - Only 1 person needs to sleep to complete the sleep cycle and skip to morning. It is announced in the chat which player did this. Basically, if you want night, speak up. Don't be a dick and block players legitimate requests for a full night cycle or they'll kill ya. 2. Anti Creeper Grief - This is to replace the default "anti mob grief" rule. Basically we had disabled creeper griefing before but as a side effect it disabled ghast, enderman, and importantly villager "mob griefing" which meant farmers could not farm and other vanilla balance was broken. This tweak makes it so only creepers don't grief. So look out for everything else going forward! Besides that I added two others that seemed fair for an active multiplayer server. The Ender Dragon now drops an Elytra upon death, this makes it a renewable resource but still a pain in the ass and a lot of effort as you must both summon and defeat the dragon for just 1 Elytra. Shulkers drop 2 shells so it's a little easier. Nobody likes flying aimlessly through the End. Questions, comments, concerns? If you don't like these changes please speak up!
  3. Lupes

    Whitelist BadgerBush

    Whoa, not sure how I missed this one. Added! Sorry about the delay!
  4. This reminds me of Candybox, another classic. Business Available Funds: $ 360.73 Avg. Rev. per sec: $ 3.60 Avg. Clips Sold per sec: 11 Unsold Inventory: 222,596 Price per Clip: $ 0.34 Public Demand: 103% Level: 5 Cost: $ 1,600.00 Manufacturing Clips per Second: 367 468,756 inches Cost: $ 36 49 Cost: $ 111.71
  5. Lupes

    Whitelist ionutpavel66 & marlenamiao

    Added! Hope to see you on!
  6. Lupes

    Whitelist OxygenRequired

    Added! Welcome.
  7. Lupes

    Whitelist cole_reesor

  8. Lupes

    Whitelist ShovelyJoe

    Added! Sounds like our server is the right play style and pace for you. Just a small community with minor RP elements right now building cool stuff.
  9. Lupes

    We Dedicated Now

    I can honestly say that I did not expect the server to take off quite like this! While it's a pleasant surprise to already have approximately 50 whitelisted players and 10+ concurrent players on evenings and weekends we are all noticing some performance issues. Unfortunately the 1.14.1 hotfix released by Mojang did not meet expectations. It has been apparent to me since the start that the processing speed of the current server is lacking. We already bumped the RAM from 8GB to 24GB but now it's time for something more powerful! Using the additional funding provided by the Patreon subscribers so I can offset some of the cost I am finally upgrading us from a virtual dedicated server to a full fledged dedicated server further increasing our RAM and CPU! The new server address is, this has also been updated in the sidebar.
  10. Lupes

    whitelist jmaccini

  11. That awkward feeling when you don't have a dog yet.
  12. Lupes

    The Realm Company

    Spawn will likely be the most rail-connected area of the world map, I noticed that you posted off an area in spawn already and I think that it's a good spot!
  13. Lupes

    The Realm Company

    Love it! Where will the HQ be located?
  14. Lupes

    Whitelist Request: R0BO_t

    Added! Welcome to the server.
  15. Lupes

    Whitelist Hydrix