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  1. Lupes

    July 2019 Screenshots

    Let's storm Area 51 and see them aliens!
  2. Lupes

    Whitelist MrCubeman

    Added! Welcome to the server.
  3. Lupes

    Video Thread 2019

    Does THIS belong in the music thread?
  4. Lupes

    Video Thread 2019

  5. Lupes

    Whitelist Request Quadrum

    Added! Welcome.
  6. Lupes

    Kingdom Declaration Template

    You can copy/paste this to use as a template for creating your own Kingdom declaration, please remember to title your forum thread as your Kingdom's name. Also remember to follow up and create a club for official approval, as well as a useful space on the site for your group to organize your endeavors! WIP NOTHING HERE YET
  7. Lupes

    Kingdom Guidelines

    Figured I'd get the ball rolling and put something "official" up on creating a kingdom on the BinaryChaos Minecraft server. This will be a working rule set that can be modified if players on the server choose to make changes, I will make this as streamlined as possible and some of you may find it similar to the previous server iterations Kingdom rules. These rules exist to help prevent rampant griefing and PVP while making warfare optional and fair on the server. Why do these rules exist? Ultimately PVP is entirely optional on this server, you can stop fighting and withdraw from fighting at any time! What this set of rules does is provide a framework for players to PVP if they choose to and stop new players from joining the server to simply PVP and grief without putting any time into the community. Creating a Kingdom: A kingdom must be declared by a post on this forum, with the title of the thread being the name of the kingdom. Must have an approved "Club" created on the website. Must have at least three (3) active, whitelisted players in your kingdom with one being the leader. Your kingdom must have an embassy built at spawn in some form. (A single building, a group of buildings, its own district, etc.) Must have its own unique banner, and a picture of the banner posted in your kingdom thread and club. Kingdom Warfare: War between kingdoms must be declared* mutually, preferably via declaration in the form of a forum post. Once two (or more) kingdoms are at war, PVP is allowed between those kingdoms members at all times. Once at war kingdoms are allowed to steal from each other and sabotage each others builds. Once war is officially declared players are allowed to attack each others kingdom. (Yes, that means the boom powders can 'asplode!) The war is declared over when a kingdom chooses to withdraw. Preferably via declaration in the form of a forum post. Alright, that's it for now. Remember it's a rough draft, be gentle. Changes are sure to be made.
  8. Lupes

    July Political Debate Topic (The Real Deal)

    That reminds me so much of this GIF
  9. Lupes

    The Hunter: Call of the Wild

    New phone who dis, Yukon DLC is dank.
  10. Lupes

    WoW: Classic

    Any interest here in WoW Classic that will be releasing this fall? I wont lie, I am interested but don't know if I should play it again. When I did play I preferred Alliance as I found the Horde to be 2edgy4me with the needless divisiveness but these days I don't think I hold a strong opinion. I wonder if we have enough interested nerds to form a small guild, I really did enjoy the social aspect of the game more than anything.
  11. Lupes

    AMD vs Intel in 2019?

    Gonna need me that .screenrc son. Somewhere in between, I don't mind spending money as long as it is well spent. For example my current PC has been just fine and is doing mostly OK for the last 8 years which is a rarity.
  12. Lupes

    Minecraft Data Packs

    I like the Treecapitator but I'll need to take a backup first before we try it. I've heard it can do some harm to buildings that have trees touching them, in all the right places. How about the datapack that lets you crawl, without the need for the hatch "trick" to go prone?
  13. Lupes

    July Political Debate Topic (The Real Deal)

    How are you doing? Good, had a good sleep. Have you drank enough water today? So far yes. Are your shoulders tense? Always. Is your jaw clenched? Almost always. Should you take a moment to take some deep breaths? Yes. Is there something you need help with? Winning Lotto Numbers. Should you ask someone for help? A wizard maybe. Having a bad day? Nope. How about giving yourself a little more grace and patience because you’re having a bad day? Ye Or having a good day? Ye How about counting your good day as a big win and treat yourself? Ye Do you need a hug? Ye Will you take a virtual one from me? Ye You can do the thing!! Ye
  14. Lupes

    SwordfishII App

    Added! Welcome.