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  • Welcome to BinaryChaos.net! We're back! 😎

    Please consider registering and sticking around as we improve the website, community, and add more dedicated servers to our line up.

  • The official release of 1.14 is nearing if we are to believe anything that Mojang says. I would like to thank those who have been patiently waiting for the release and for the server floodgates to open. I think that if it's supposed to release in the first quarter of 2019 we don't have much longer to wait.
    This isn't to say that we haven't been busy! The forums have been active with a mix of new and old faces. Some classic threads have been revived and we now have over 30 members in our Discord channel - Remember to send your friends the invitation link from the sidebar so they don't miss out. Our regularly scheduled Thursday night D&D sessions have been a blast with members from coast to coast taking part.
    Our Curse of Strahd play-through is currently full but this trial run shows that there is definitely interest and we are already planning the next official BCF campaign for the far future. Depending on how many people are interested we may need to either create two groups (needing another DM) or having some sort of lottery system to get a spot reserved.
    Either way Binary Chaos is still a small-fry gaming website so I don't think we'll stress about it too much. Thanks for sticking around!

    For those interested there is a temporary Minecraft 19w03c snapshot server online while we wait for the official 1.14 release.
    Since the server is temporary and will be wiped fresh in the future there is no whitelist or rules for now. Feel free to unleash complete anarchy and help stress test the server. Currently the player limit is set to 24 but I'm hoping it could be bumped to 32.
    Server IP address is, default port and no password. Hope to see some of you in there!

    A handful of people have already noticed there is now an active Discord link in the sidebar and we actually have a few users in there now, please consider joining us and help the website grow!
    Since I've been pushing off using Discord since forever I am only just now picking it up and learning how to configure and moderate it so it can be used to its full potential. I feel like it might be the most accessible medium available to BinaryChaos and as a result will have much higher traffic than this website, the Mumble server, etc. Because of this I will be in need of a couple of experienced Discord moderators to help keep things running smoothly and help with setup.
    Things are slowly coming together.

    It's a new year and a fresh start for Binary Chaos and some work has been put into the new website for our community. We are finally SSL encrypted, registration is made much easier as confirmation email should no longer go into your spam inbox, and the site will be much faster and packed with more features than before.
    Welcome to users new and old to what will hopefully become an online community with organized events, dedicated servers, and a great place to hang out with like minded gamers and nerds. I will be working on the website as time goes on and adding improvements, the next project being a Discord server. (Don't fear, the Mumble server will remain online for as long as I can keep it going!)
    Long term plans after this will hopefully include setting a foundation for a dedicated Minecraft server launch for their next major release and hopefully getting some new members to sign up, but also setting up an interim server before to build a community. I am hoping that some people would be willing to help volunteer with the administrative side of running some of our servers.
    Please register on the forum and let me know what additions or improvements you'd like to see on the website!