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    New SMP Server Direction


    Since the inception of our 1.14 Minecraft SMP server we have whitelisted over 80 players to date with very little conflict or need for intervention, only 2 players have been banned for griefing offenses and server activity has continued to thrive. This being the case I have decided to make some changes to the direction and description of our Minecraft server.


    Our main focus is no longer politics and roleplay - Though that activity is still encouraged. Players will still help mold the server as time goes on with planning large projects and "international" standards for our infrastructure. While committees and guilds will still exist in game and be very much required to help players interactions go smoothly our focus will no longer be on Kingdoms and Nations. In game player versus player events will still go on, mutual combat is allowed but raiding and griefing will not be tolerated.


    Unfortunately some players will not be happy to hear this and  I understand, however this feels like what will be best for the server going forward and will enable growth in many ways.


    Hope to catch you guys on the server!

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