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    Minecraft 1.14 Pre-5 Server


    The 1.14 Minecraft Server is live! (Sort of!)


    It's a bit earlier than anticipated but for a couple of reasons. Currently we are running version 1.14 Pre-release 5 - This is allegedly the last pre-release before the full version of 1.14 and as far as it is known there will be no changes to the terrain-gen on release which was my biggest concern.


    This means that we can launch the server now and play, and on the announced launch date of April 23rd 1.14 will release - we can update to this with no loss of progression.


    We need to launch early because I actually won't be around a computer or internet until the 26th. When I'm back I will update the server to full 1.14.


    Tell your friends! Remember to apply in the whitelist forum since we are now a whitelisted server!

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