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  • Welcome to BinaryChaos.net! We're back! 😎

    Please consider registering and sticking around as we improve the website, community, and add more dedicated servers to our line up.

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    Discord Active, Moderators Needed


    A handful of people have already noticed there is now an active Discord link in the sidebar and we actually have a few users in there now, please consider joining us and help the website grow!




    Since I've been pushing off using Discord since forever I am only just now picking it up and learning how to configure and moderate it so it can be used to its full potential. I feel like it might be the most accessible medium available to BinaryChaos and as a result will have much higher traffic than this website, the Mumble server, etc. Because of this I will be in need of a couple of experienced Discord moderators to help keep things running smoothly and help with setup.


    Things are slowly coming together.

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