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Camping Gear (For Cosverse)

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Making this thread for Cosverse, because I said I would. Here's a list of camping gear composed mainly of stuff that I own or want to own - Not everything on the list is a need, in fact very little is needed but this stuff sure makes it easier/comfortable. One thing to note is that while I know better gear exists I tend to sway towards more affordable but still good quality stuff. Everything I post here I've owned and tested or have researched extensively though I am open to critique or alternatives as there is no one-size fits all.

Maybe if I have time later I'll break this down more into sections like "Essentials" and "Comfort Items" or something. Also worth noting that I do not have a tent that I recommend simply because I sleep in the back of my truck like a champ. (But I do have a hammock.) Anyways... In no particular order...

  • Life Straw.
  • Good quality sleeping bag. I have this one and I love it.
  • Camping Hammock /w Bug Tent. Or you could get something like this.
  • Candle Lantern. Not required but fun.
  • Morakniv Companion or other comparable knife. They don't look like much but you wont find better for the price.
  • Stowaway Pot - These are rad because I can keep a lighter, stove, fuel, and some salt/pep and other stuff inside the same pot I use to cook.
  • Some sort of backpack. I own this one and this one.
  • A good quality cooler. I got this one, wheels are almost a must-have.
  • A first aid kit and knowing how to use it. At the very least get these. A MUST HAVE. Check YouTube out for how they work.
  • A good chair or seat. I splurged on mine. I got a directors chair with fold out table but I also overland (aka truck out camping)
  • Something to cook with. I love my recent purchase of a dutch oven but you gotta take care of it and learn how to cook with it.
  • Headlamp. In my opinion its more important than a hand-held flashlight though those never hurt. Get anything at all. I've used fancy ones and I've used Dollarama headlamps just the same.


Mostly finished now - 3/28/2019


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If you want lightweight stuff, I'd recommend a rocket stove with wind barrier.

A good knife and hatchet, rope, fire starter, dried food and merino wool undergarments.

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Bump. I've "completed" the post above for Cosverse's must-haves to tag along. I'll add a supplementary list for completions sake, stuff like a camp kitchen, cleaning, water storage, etc.

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1 hour ago, Zeriador said:

Now Cosverse needs to come camping.

Oh lawd he comin'

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