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Zeri builds ze Bismarck

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Posted (edited)

I was introduced to model making by my father. For my 6th birthday, I got an Apache attack helicopter. The model was a snap together type and I still recall the last snap as I put the canopy in. Good memories.


I painted the red hull a few weeks ago, I just have been busy with moving, settling and other things. (probably a few dozen hours of video games) I use the tape as a mask for paint.


Gathering the stuff.


Painting the decks with the "deck tan" paint. Usually takes two coats and getting it between some plastic protrusions takes a tiny paintbrush.


I'm probably going to pick up some modeling putty to make the model more seamless. I am not hugely impressed with the quality of the plastic, but I must make do.

All in all:

Masked for the black water line.

Painted the black water line.

Marked and masked for the white sections of the 1943 camo pattern.

Painted the white, rough.

Painted the decks, rough.

Assembled propellers, they were painted previously.





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Dang those are some broad, flat, and mechanical surfaces. That would be tricky to paint by hand! Betcha wish you had an airbrush.

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Posted (edited)

I used a spray can for the red part of the hull and I am pleased with the result.


Painted the deck and glued it on, did forget to add the stopper for the gun turrets, so they'll have to be glued on. Oh well.20190312_121758.thumb.jpg.1f1ecf3b57467656a572906dba1aa1d2.jpg

So, I don't like it when the model comes with unnecessary extra parts and here is an example. The roter shaft housing needed to be glued and the seam was ugly.


The hull and deck sections all had seams which need to be filled.


Seams patched, needs some sanding later. After this process is done, I will be able to to revisit the deck before I add extra components. I'm going to try and highlight the planks by scraping the paint off the lines to get that effect.

You can see where I discovered that happy little accident.



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Posted (edited)

Ok, did a little more painting and started putting the 15 and 38 cm turrets together.




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