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March Political Debate Topic

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Contrary to popular belief, I declare sandwiches to be utterly delicious.

That is my stance and I’m stickin’ to it.



P.S. If one were to do a sandwitch justice, the amount of protein in said sandwich needs to be the thickness of at least one bread slice. None of this one slice business. Just have a bread salad if you’re going to do that, dangit.

One side of bread buttered or mayo’d (I prefer le beurre) so it creates a fatty moisture barrier and sticks to the leafy goodness and keeps it in place. Spicy mustard on the other side to meld with the protein. Tomatoes between lettuce and protein to keep the tomato juices from creating a soggy sammich. Or, a pro-tip I learned: if you’ve got a pocket knife in your EDC, bring the tomato whole and slice it fresh. Eat the remainder of the tomato as a side.

Another tip for keeping sumwichers from soggying up before consumption later in the day is to give the bread a toast before applying the filling.

I’m also a huge fan of avocados and eggs being part of my samwatches.

Also also. Go heavy on the cracked pepper.

Fillings and condiments need to reach or overreach the edges and be evenly distributed. Seriously.

Get classy and put the toothpicks into your sammies, because it will be a hefty beast and you need to help it keep its structure.

Lastly, cutting your layered masterpiece into triangles makes it taste better.




P.P.S. Remember to take out the toothpicks before nomming.




P.P.P.S. I really want to make a shooter’s sandwich.


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Posted (edited)

I forgot about cheese and that is very shameful. I also can’t seem to figure out how to edit my post on mobile to hide my shame in the hopes it goes unnoticed.

Everyone makes mistakes—especially in political debates.

Anyway, cheese. Best placed between the mustard and the protein for optimal stickage/prevent slidey bread.

I was going to tag Chiefcheese to contribute to this part but I realize your username is actually Chiefjeese.

Apologies all around.

Edited by dot_piranha
I see how it is. If you are OP, no edit abilities 4 u.

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I fully agree with all stated points, especially the layering, triangle cuts, and toothpicks. My only addition to this debate is that its:

Pickles OR Cucumbers, not both. To add both is blasphemy.

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Pickles make me think of alfalfa and how well they go together in a sandwich!! Also very underrated.

I should also say that croissant and bagel sandwiches are ❤️👍🏼

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I recall the time when I learned of the existence of the shooter sandwich. I made it immediately, and it was amazing.

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