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ATV Project, The Rugged Slug

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First pic is when I bought it.


Picked this thing up for like $1400 and have had a ton of fun with it so far. Since Dougler now has a garage and no project of his own he let me take it over to do some "upgrades" over the winter.

It's a 1998 Kawasaki Bayou 300 with God knows how many hours/km on it. It's definitely seen some shit. I originally picked it up off some farmer who only used it on his property and I (stupidly) took his word when he gave me the paperwork and surprise, surprise! When I went to register it the papers weren't proper and he himself never had the proper papers.

Luckily he had a handwritten receipt from the guy he bought it from approximately 8 years ago and it had the name of a farm on it. I looked up the Farm and saw that they had a Facebook page and you could make inquiries, I got in contact, drove out and got'em to sign the paperwork much to his surprise. He said he had sold it so long ago he had forgotten about ever owning it.

The other coincidence is that where I went to buy the ATV originally was about 100KM away from where I live. The guy I found on the farm was only 15KM away so getting the paperwork done luckily worked out!



The ATV itself ran pretty well for a 300cc from 20 years ago. It was loud, it drank a bit of oil, but it worked for the most part. Being an idiot one day while riding I gorilla stomped the pedal to try and change gears and snapped the lever off completely. Luckily I stomped it from reverse to first gear so I could get back to camp. :classic_unsure:


So since picking it up I've replaced the gear lever, the headlights have been replaced with awesome LED's, I took the crusty old winch off for now until I figure out what I want to do with it. Dougler and I have torn it apart in his garage and taken off/redone a lot of the electrical work on it, we added a reverse LED flood light and ran a lot of switches up front. Tore the rear drum brake apart as the brake shoes were beyond toast. The brake drum itself had some wear but after a lot of elbow grease, beer, and chiseling we managed to clean the drum and new shoes were all it needed.

Did some rough "painting" with anti rust and brushed off surface rust with a wire wheel. It's pretty much back together right now and you could take it for a spin but I have some new exciting parts coming...


atv 1.jpg

atv 2.JPG


atv 4.JPG


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Replacement carb is here! It was either $600+ for a Kawasaki replacement, or $30 for a rebuild kit on an already questionable and unidentifiable carb, or a new carb for $70. Gonna slap this on, then finish the exhaust with some redneck magic (will take pics!) and then its a matter of tuning the clutch and carb and she'll be good to ride. Hopefully almost like new.

More to come..


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On 3/12/2019 at 1:32 PM, Zeriador said:

Need update.

Put in all the new stuff and it started flinging metal and fire out of the exhaust. Still a WIP.

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