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BinaryChaos Minecraft Server

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What BinaryChaos Once Was...

BinaryChaos.net originally "launched" as a Minecraft SMP community many, many, years ago. (2011!) The server itself had very little rules but instead laid down a foundation of core rules from which players could build on, or not.

The server build theme was medieval fantasy with steampunk elements, and the framework of server rules allowed players to build and create their own in game court system, laws, territories, currencies, and of course... territorial disputes and war.

In the majority of times, players were communal and worked together during events and projects. Politics and "war" were light hearted and were meant to add an interesting spin on the community aspect of the server. At our peak moments we had upwards of 150 players registered and whitelisted, and at times 20+ players online! (Peak ever being 42, which is pretty neat for a tiny community SMP.)

What BinaryChaos Will Be...

My intent is to bring back the classic BCF feel, if not a little more casually. I hope to give more control to the players and hope to plan a lot more community builds, events, adventure maps, and so on. Hopefully with time we can build a dedicated player base together and play this game in its best form, with others!

The server employs a strong medieval fantasy theme, where steampunk elements are acceptable. We do not want modern city builds, giant robots, airplanes, etc. This is a survival server set to the hardest difficulty, vanilla play is strictly enforced so no items will be spawned, and creative mode will never be used. Everything in this server will be molded by the players own hands.

Server rollbacks are not used lightly, if ever. Actions and consequences are meant to be lasting.

Okay Now What?

We've launched our 1.14 server as of April 2019! Come and play, and bring your friends!


Click Here to Review the (very few) Server Rules! minecraft-icon.png

Click Here to Submit a Whitelist Request! minecraft-icon.png

Click here to join the BCF Discord! discord-icon.png


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