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Crazy idea, fun for a month?

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Since the server has been somewhat dead lately (I know some people have been playing regularly, but I haven't and there have been no new players so that's what I'm basing it on) and that I've been itching to play for a little bit as well but I have had this recurring idea over the years and I think now might be the best time to give it a try.

Since I have a full backup of the current server, I'm thinking of removing the whitelist and making it a fully public and unregulated Minecraft server... Think 2B2T except that's not what I'll "advertise" it'll just be a "Here's a public server guys, enjoy." sort of thing and see where it goes.

Ideally I'll post the open IP address to Reddit, 4Chan, and some other shitholes of the internet. If anyone even still reads this forum and is interested let me know and we can arrange a time and day to set hell loose otherwise I'll just probably do it when I feel like it.

What do you think?

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I think I'm gonna do this next Saturday! (December 7th)

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