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Was inspired by the "It's Alive" series on YouTube to try both of these things, it's an awesome YouTube channel that is definitely worth your time if you enjoy food and cooking! Not to be a hipster but I remember watching the series before they had millions of views and both the garlic honey and the fermented hot sauce really stood out to me.

In an effort to create an actually hot, hot sauce I decided to grow my own peppers on my balcony. I failed at balcony gardening every year except this one taking special care of my peppers! (Everything else... not so much.) I grew Habanero and Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers. This should be pretty damned spiced as the Jolokia's are just over 1 million on the scoville scale. Here they are growing...


And here is the jarred up and fermenting stuff as of just now.


As for the Garlic Honey, I used unpasteurized Canadian honey that is pretty reasonable quality and I paid the hell up for some local heirloom "Armstrong Garlic" that was $15 per pound!

If I'm dead in 3-4 weeks its because of botulism. Someone take over the server if that happens.


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Next time around let me know if you want some Honey. We just received a batch from the Apiary on the farm.

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