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BCF plan for classic launch.

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Creating this thread to make some plans for the launch of classic if anyone is interested in playing with - Discuss which classes, server, etc. Dougler who is a current subscriber of WoW has picked a server for us to play on when classic launches.

I guess the consensus is to play Alliance on the Thalnos PVP server.

Which classes do you guys want to play? How many people will we have playing on launch?

I would prefer to play a Paladin healing build as that is what I was most used to from playing but I am willing to play any class to fill in gaps. What about you nerds?


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Name: Dougler

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Professions: Skinning and Mining until lvl 40 mount is bought then going Blacksmithing and Mining.

Focus: End game raiding

Play style: Filthy Casual

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