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BinaryChaos Vanilla SMP Server Description

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BinaryChaos Vanilla SMP Server

Welcome! We are a small Minecraft vanilla survival server with a mature regular playerbase who work together on community builds, infrastructure, and other fun engineering projects in a steampunk/medieval setting.


We used to be a role play and politics oriented server but that is no longer the case. This server is meant to provide a fun environment to thrive in vanilla Minecraft with other players! While conflict and PVP is inevitable it is not the main focus of this server - Griefing will get you banned.

Players are still encouraged to take part in the community and help guide builds and major projects. In-game guilds can help provide direction to the server in forms such as map standards, settling property disputes, planning zoning and other similar roles.


The server is whitelisted so if you wish to join you will need to submit an application.




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