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I didn't buy shares, how to get them?

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Realm Co. will pay out the first dividends on its shares! One diamond for each share, meaning that some already have gotten their TOTAL investment back! But what if you don't have shares? How do you get rich without it? Just buy a shop at the Grand Market! Why? Because Real Estate is THE investment that pays of in just one week! Small shops already go for 18 diamonds, a rise of 80% in value compared to a week ago! Or perhaps you can buy shares from the current shareholders?



- Realm Company gives out its first dividends to its shareholders. Shareholders have to apply to Carolus999 with their shares as proof and will receive one diamond for each share.

- Realm Company is the economy. Any item that is not offered by the free market (read other traders) on the Grand Market will be for sale by Realm Company. You can find more info on what the free market and Realm Co. sells in the Realm Co HQ building, situated on the Grand Market.

- Realm Company has been funding several automated farms under the umbrella of Benji and will continue to do so.

- Realm Company thinks about the community and will launch a 'Peasants House' or 'Second Hand' store at the Grand Market (for FREE!). Items that are not of use can be dumped there and be picked up by the needy. This will also have the basic necessities for new players such as an oven etc.


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I cashed in today, money back. Great investment!

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