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The Realm Company

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Hereby declares the honorable gentleman, Carolus999, to found the Company of the Realm, managing its possessions and assets like it would be his.
This company shall coordinate and oversee the realm economy by creating and encouraging private enterprises. This through the
regulation and oversight of investment and currency flow by establishing trade institutions, such as The Company of The Realm. 

The Company of the Realm shall undertake the following actions:

* Funding of expeditions to seek profitable deserts and mesas *
* Acquiring such exploitable biomes and extracting the wealth *
* Organizing the exploit and transport of these goods to the spawn *
* Founding and maintaining The Realm Bank and its res
pective currency *
* Founding and maintaining The Realm Rangers *


We seek trained minds in economics, logistics, architecture, militarism, engineering, ...



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Love it!

Where will the HQ be located?

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Several nations have invited me to place the HQ at their capital/settlement. All stated that most activity is around the 0 2000 coords instead of the spawn. 

Trade wise, what would you recommend? HQ at spawn or in an active city?

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Spawn will likely be the most rail-connected area of the world map, I noticed that you posted off an area in spawn already and I think that it's a good spot!

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