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  2. luke_a_nator

    Whitelist request

    Minecraft Username: luke_a_nator Your Age: 16 How did you find us: I found this website through a comment on Reddit. I've been looking into a few political servers and this one seemed pretty cool. Your Timezone: Central European Summer Time (GMT+2) Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I enjoy building and exploring but am really interested in the political side of the server.
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  4. Schemsch

    Whitelist request

    Minecraft Username: Schemsch Your Age: 15 How did you find us: I was looking for roleplay servers on the internet Your Timezone: CET/MEZ Brief Summary of your Playstyle: rp and nation focused
  5. Lupes

    The Music Thread 2019

    Get ready for some blasts from the past.
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  7. I'm going to start building random sandstone "ruins" and stuff around the battle biome. I've also began to roughly fence it off - Help would be appreciated as it's quite the endeavor!
  8. Lupes

    Kerbal Space Program 2 (Multiplayer!)

    I bought Kerbal in early access when it was $7, best $7 investment ever. More info!
  9. Lupes

    Thalnos Server (PVP)

    So this is interesting, Blizzard is warning players that they expect queues of over 10,000(!!!) players on launch - And that they have extra contingency servers to spin up in case of emergency. In this case I'd almost rather wait a few days after launch to try and find one of the lesser populated servers. I'm sure they will all be high population, I just don't want to be stuck in a queue for the first 2 days of playing.
  10. Lupes

    Server Outage Resolved

    Yesterday the Minecraft server crashed hard and was down for the day, it is finally back online - My apologies for the delay and thanks to the users that reported it! Sometimes I don't have time to check the server for a few days at a time so letting me know is always best! Unfortunately since it crashed so badly the server was rolled back a few hours from when it was last online - I don't know exactly when that was but since it crashed during the night I don't believe any players should be affected. If you notice anything strange let me know as soon as possible and I will investigate.
  11. garbagepatrol

    Kerbal Space Program 2 (Multiplayer!)

    you play the first one much at all? i'm starting a new playthrough.
  12. Hype, hype, HYPE! Looks like a lot more focus on the different planet environments, building of outposts, and lots of other improvements!
  13. Lupes

    rad41 Whitelist Request

    Welcome back! Added!
  14. Minecraft Username: rad41 Your Age: 32 How did you find us: I played on the server a few years back. Your Timezone: EST Brief Summary of your Playstyle: I like mining and I'm always looking to get better at building.
  15. Lupes

    Whitelist request from yours truly

    Welcome, added!
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  17. Minecraft Username: Wadalf Your Age: 24 How did you find us: a friend from the discord Your Timezone: it is 4:01 pm currently Brief Summary of your Play-style: I like building up my farm. It’d be fun to work on bigger projects. I want to learn about redstone.
  18. A quick introduction of our characters: Thorbjorn Stormborn: Plucked from the battlefields of Ragnarok a second before biting down on Loki, he was transported via dark magics out of the realm of Asgard and sent to the human land known as Faerun. Technically, Thorbjorn is a human barbarian who multiclassed into druid to unlock the Wildshape ability. In moments of combat, Thorbjorn can shape shift into bear form, with lighting crackling from his mouth and eyes. A formidable opponent indeed! Harthon Hammercock: Harthon was sent by his Goddess, Freya to watch over Thor. He is a dwarven cleric. He enjoys smashing things in the head with a large hammer and teasing Thorbjorn about flubbing attack rolls. Byll Gaites: A dragonborne elder. At an aged 75 years old, Byll was one of the first generation of Dragonborne to occupy a small land in Faerun after his family escaped their homelands. With such a new race in the world, distrust abounds for the Dragonborne race. With his old age, senility has begun to set in, and Byll no longer hides his sexual appetites for trees. Drooling, arthritic and forgetful, Byll is still a formidable sorcerer and towers a full head above most human men. Gort Smelt: Gort is a human bard, who strums on his lyre to keep the party in good spirits. With his ability to manipulate the winds of magic with music alone, he has proven to be an adept, if impulsive team member. Sorin Olrick: Sorin, a celestial warlock, is a student of Talisid. Spending a good amount of time in Elysium, Sorin appreciates natural beauty and has the strongest moral code in the party. He is not holier than thou, but beware if he looks at you and his eyebrows raise. He casts a lot of Eldritch Blast, because that's what Warlocks do.
  19. Zeriador

    Video Thread 2019

    I really enjoyed watching these. Makes me want to learn more game theory.
  20. garbagepatrol

    guardian_athena Whitelist Request

  21. Lupes

    guardian_athena Whitelist Request

    Oh snap! Added! Welcome back!!
  22. guardian_athena

    guardian_athena Whitelist Request

    Minecraft Username: guardian_athena Your Age: 39 How did you find us: I've played Binary Chaos Minecraft at least as far back as 2012, looking forward to getting back into it Your Timezone: -5 EST Brief Summary of your Playstyle: City / travel infrastructure building, long distance Elytra exploration
  23. nap

    Fish Fraud

    I'm going to start raising ra-- I mean selling seafood.
  24. Lupes

    The Daily Wins Thread

    Drugs are a hell of a drug.
  25. dougler

    BCF plan for classic launch.

    Name: Dougler Class: Warrior Race: Human Professions: Skinning and Mining until lvl 40 mount is bought then going Blacksmithing and Mining. Focus: End game raiding Play style: Filthy Casual
  26. Xlauv

    The Daily Wins Thread

    Not trying to one up, but since last wednesday i did about 120km at the festival with my best day being 36km on sunday lol
  27. Resurrection: Thursday D&D - Roll20 - Curse of Strahd Because @Zeriador is being a lazy turd burglar I figured I'd mention what happened to the Thursday D&D group... It survived! But differently. Unfortunately due to a couple of schedule conflicts and some people dropping out for other reasons the campaign was reset with a few new members and we have caught up, and progressed even further than our first round. We made sure to not let it affect our game meta and came out stronger for it. During the start there was some laziness on my part and I did not get to writing down notes for the campaign as we played but I'll try to remember what I can and hopefully others can jump in to fill the gaps. Paging Zeri to start this off..
  28. Creating this thread to make some plans for the launch of classic if anyone is interested in playing with - Discuss which classes, server, etc. Dougler who is a current subscriber of WoW has picked a server for us to play on when classic launches. I guess the consensus is to play Alliance on the Thalnos PVP server. Which classes do you guys want to play? How many people will we have playing on launch? I would prefer to play a Paladin healing build as that is what I was most used to from playing but I am willing to play any class to fill in gaps. What about you nerds?
  29. Since WoW: Classic is launching soon and I do intend to at least try it for a couple of months I was doing some research about it and was thinking some of you old nerds (like myself) had some questions about it and I guess I'll post what I consider to be the most important points. Release Date is August 27th, 2019 Blizzard will maintain Classic alongside the regular WoW servers "forever". Your current one (1) single WoW subscription will grant you access to both versions of WoW so you can play whichever you prefer. The data used for the game is based off the 1.12.1 patch. The server backend is based on the current tech. There will be no LFG/LFR tool. No cross-realm grouping. Content release will be pseudo-progressive (6 stage release cycle) * see below! Cross realm battleground will be used at launch of PvP. Layering will be used at server launches in a limited capacity (currently unknown how limited). The AQ Gate opening event and Scourge Invasion will happen. Flightpaths will be linked. --- Content Release Plan Phase 1 (Classic Launch) Molten Core Onyxia Maraudon No formal PvP content (no HK or DK tracking) Phase 2 Dire Maul Azuregos Kazzak Honor System introduced - including PvP ranking rewards Phase 3 Blackwing Lair Darkmoon Faire Darkmoon deck drops begin Alterac Valley and WSG Phase 4 Zul’Gurub Green Dragons Arathi Basin Phase 5 Ahn’Qiraj War Effort begins Ahn’Qiraj raids open when the war effort dictates Dungeon loot reconfiguration: Tier 0.5 Dungeon gear, Relics, drop rates and location changes Phase 6 Scourge Invasion Naxxramas World PvP 'objectives' in EPL and Silithus --- Alterac Valley Blizzard announced they will use the 1.12.1 version of Alterac Valley. This version doesn't differ too greatly from current retail. However, there are no reinforcement caps and more elite enemies. There is no Korrak the Bloodrager in 1.12 and a number of other NPCs and PvE objectives are missing from earlier versions.
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