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About This Club

Defenders of the spawn city Realmstad.

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  2. Things that we need to stockpile at the milita HQ include but are not limited to: Arrows Bows & Crossbows Enchanted Armor Various Potions Various Weaponry Ender Eyes Elytra's Lanterns Food
  3. The Realmstad Rangers What is it? The Rangers are a neutral militia which exists for the sole purpose of the spawn settlement known as Realmstad and its citizens. As it is a neutral guild it can be joined by members of any nation/kingdom (so long as that nation/kingdom permits it) to work towards a common goal of defending spawn from raids, griefers, and other warfare. What do we do? When called to arms in the server chat/Discord we can hope to provide spawn from Pillager raids, from griefing or otherwise destructive players, help defend from traps, withers, Herobrine, and whatever else comes our way. What do we need? We are in need of Healing Potions, Milk Buckets, Diamond Armor, Ender Pearls, Elytras and anything else that could be used in defense of the city!
  4. The old communal resource warehouse in the basement still needs to be transplanted to my new house, after that the basement needs to be converted into a barracks where people can set their spawn points quickly and respawn safely at Realmstad to rejoin any fight that may be going on. Some help with design would be much appreciated!