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  • Maintenance Complete

    Minecraft server maintenance is complete and fortunately the IP address did not change so there is no need to update your saved server list. The server is back online.

    Upcoming Server Maintenance

    Just a heads up to anyone playing on the Minecraft server that there will be some upcoming maintenance and downtime of the server for November 21st and 22nd 2019. The server will probably not end up being down the entire duration but there will be some significant changes including a change of the IP address.
    Check back then for the updated server address.

    Whitelist Requests on Hold

    There is currently a hold on further whitelist requests, they can be submitted but may not be dealt with until a later date as I am planning to do a purge of inactive users as well as other server maintenance. There has been a bit of a lull in server activity so I don't want to let new players in without anybody to moderate the server.
    If anyone is interested in helping run the Minecraft server and becoming a moderator please let me know, however you would need to be an active player on the server to be seriously considered.
    No cause for alarm, the Minecraft server is not going away or shutting down and will continue to be maintained.

    Server Outage Resolved

    Yesterday the Minecraft server crashed hard and was down for the day, it is finally back online - My apologies for the delay and thanks to the users that reported it! Sometimes I don't have time to check the server for a few days at a time so letting me know is always best!
    Unfortunately since it crashed so badly the server was rolled back a few hours from when it was last online - I don't know exactly when that was but since it crashed during the night I don't believe any players should be affected. If you notice anything strange let me know as soon as possible and I will investigate.

    New SMP Server Direction

    Since the inception of our 1.14 Minecraft SMP server we have whitelisted over 80 players to date with very little conflict or need for intervention, only 2 players have been banned for griefing offenses and server activity has continued to thrive. This being the case I have decided to make some changes to the direction and description of our Minecraft server.
    Our main focus is no longer politics and roleplay - Though that activity is still encouraged. Players will still help mold the server as time goes on with planning large projects and "international" standards for our infrastructure. While committees and guilds will still exist in game and be very much required to help players interactions go smoothly our focus will no longer be on Kingdoms and Nations. In game player versus player events will still go on, mutual combat is allowed but raiding and griefing will not be tolerated.
    Unfortunately some players will not be happy to hear this and  I understand, however this feels like what will be best for the server going forward and will enable growth in many ways.
    Hope to catch you guys on the server!